Wrexham man's anguish over family stuck in Afghanistan

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image captionCrowds person gone to the airdrome each time to effort to fly the Taliban

An Afghan antheral surviving successful Wales whose household are stuck successful Afghanistan has said they person failed to flight from the Taliban.

A wide airlift has been nether mode astatine Kabul airdrome since Taliban militants overran the superior this month.

In the past 2 weeks, much than 100,000 radical are believed to person been evacuated.

But Max Zabih Amiri, who fled successful 2002, said immoderate household members spent 3 days and nights astatine the airport.

"It was truthful overcrowded," helium said. "My niece fell unconscious and they had to spell backmost home.

"With the remainder of the family, immoderate of them can't question anyplace due to the fact that the borderline is closed and everybody is [feeling] hopeless, staying astatine home.

"We are waiting for the concern to alteration for them to spell determination oregon bring them present if imaginable - oregon anyplace successful the satellite astatine slightest successful peace."

Mr Amiri, 44, has lived successful Wrexham since fleeing Afghanistan successful 2002 and has worked arsenic a translator and a taxi driver, arsenic good arsenic supporting different refugees and asylum seekers.

Taliban militants were removed from powerfulness successful 2001 by US forces and 20 years of warfare followed.

image captionMax Zabih Amiri fled Afghanistan arsenic an asylum seeker successful 2002

But aft overseas forces announced their withdrawal pursuing bid talks betwixt the US and the Taliban, it regrouped.

And connected 15 August, it completed its shockingly accelerated beforehand crossed the country by capturing the superior Kabul.

Taliban forces person pledged not to let Afghanistan to go a basal for terrorists who could endanger the West.

However, Islamic State radical IS-K said it carried retired an onslaught extracurricular Kabul airdrome connected Thursday which whitethorn person killed up to 170 radical trying to fly the state earlier the 31 August withdrawal is complete.

Questions are besides being asked astir however the Taliban volition govern the country, and what their regularisation means for women, quality rights, and governmental freedoms which were restricted nether its erstwhile regime.

"Nobody feeling safe," said Mr Amiri.

"Everybody is afraid, they are scared, they are panicking.

"Also the worst happening is poverty. When the Taliban took the power, everybody's astatine home, nary business, nary banking and nary import oregon export.

"Everybody is disquieted astir what is happening due to the fact that a batch of things are happening close present successful Afghanistan but it's not successful the media."

And it has led to calls to for much assistance for those stuck successful Afghanistan.

Sam Mort, from children's foundation Unicef successful Kabul, said the concern was "desperate and getting worse".

"We've got half-a-million radical who person fled their homes and we've got a precocious grade of insecurity astir what happens next," she said.

"Around fractional of the state is successful request of humanitarian assistance and fractional of that fig is children."

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