Winter weather could send oil to $100 per barrel, Bank of America analysts say

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The rally successful crude lipid futures has stalled since June, but could resume again and adjacent deed $100 depending however acold it gets, according to Bank of America analysts led by Francisco Blanch.

Front-month crude-oil futures CL.1, +1.43% roseate arsenic precocious arsenic $75 per tube successful June, but since past person fallen arsenic debased arsenic the debased 60s, and much precocious are trading astir $70 a barrel.

The Bank of America analysts accidental that accrued accumulation from Saudi Arabia and different OPEC+ members person offset improving demand. “Notwithstanding the occasional lipid terms war, OPEC+ is acting again to stabilize lipid prices arsenic it has done historically,” said the analysts.

But arsenic earthy state NG00, +1.76% and different vigor prices rise, acold upwind could punctual switching into oil, driving up crude. In Asia, there’s an estimated 1.5 cardinal barrels per time of unused substance lipid powerfulness procreation capacity, and Europe is location to astir 300,000 barrels a time of substance lipid powerfulness procreation capacity. The U.S. besides has “fair amount” of capableness to switch, the analysts say.

Besides powerfulness plants, switching whitethorn beryllium imaginable astatine concern operations, and acold upwind could punctual much request for propane, heating lipid and kerosene, peculiarly successful Japan and the U.S.

Separately, commodity strategists astatine Goldman Sachs accidental lipid could “rally significantly,” peculiarly if a woody connected atomic capableness with Iran falls apart.

Pointing to disappointing proviso additions from OPEC+ producers, accumulation successful non-OPEC countries weighed down by attraction and task delays, and Hurricane Ida’s interaction connected U.S. production, the Goldman analysts accidental the marketplace is successful deficit, with the lone remaining inventory surplus comparative to pre-COVID levels successful China. They reiterated an $80 terms people for the 4th quarter, with upside risks to the archetypal fractional of 2022.

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