Winter vomiting virus warning for England

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By Michelle Roberts
Health editor, BBC News online

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England is experiencing an unseasonable emergence successful wintertime vomiting virus, officials are warning.

Public Health England (PHE) says 154 norovirus outbreaks person been reported successful the past 5 weeks, compared to an mean of 53 implicit the aforesaid clip play successful the erstwhile 5 years.

Most person been successful acquisition settings, peculiarly successful nurseries.

Cases are returning to pre-pandemic levels crossed each property groups and settings and radical should beryllium connected alert.

Symptoms see sudden, projectile vomiting and diarrhoea.

It is precise contagious - radical sick with it tin shed billions of norovirus particles. It lone takes a fewer of these microorganism particles to infect others.

Prof Saheer Gharbia from PHE said: "Norovirus, commonly known arsenic the wintertime vomiting bug, has been astatine little levels than mean passim the pandemic with little accidental to dispersed betwixt radical successful the assemblage but arsenic restrictions person eased we person seen an summation successful cases crossed each property groups."

Norovirus facts

  • It spreads done nonstop interaction with others who person it oregon contaminated surfaces
  • It whitethorn beryllium highly unpleasant, but usually goes distant successful astir 2 days
  • You tin usually dainty it astatine home, with remainder and tons of fluids to debar dehydration

PHE says it is imaginable that antithetic oregon much out-of-season increases could beryllium seen successful the coming months pursuing further easing of Covid power measures. A akin signifier was seen successful Australia erstwhile it relaxed immoderate restrictions.

If you oregon a kid has norovirus, the proposal is to enactment astatine home. Do not instrumentality to enactment oregon nonstop children to schoolhouse until 48 hours aft symptoms person cleared.

Avoid visiting your GP but if you are concerned, peculiarly astir a young kid oregon babe with symptoms, bash interaction NHS 111 oregon speech to your GP by phone, says PHE.

The officials accidental they volition proceed to intimately show the situation. And they accidental determination are applicable things you tin bash to trim your hazard of catching and spreading it:

  • Wash your hands often and thoroughly with soap and lukewarm water. Unlike for Covid, intoxicant gels bash not termination disconnected norovirus
  • Bleach successful blistery h2o does enactment to cleanable contaminated surfaces, specified arsenic toilets and taps.
  • If you are ill, debar cooking and helping hole meals for others until 48 hours aft symptoms person stopped, to debar passing the corruption on
  • Wash immoderate contaminated covering oregon bedding utilizing detergent and astatine 60°C, and if possible, deterioration disposable gloves to grip contaminated items

Symptoms, which tin see a precocious temperature, abdominal symptom and aching limbs arsenic good arsenic vomiting, look 1 to 2 days aft radical go infected.

People tin walk connected norovirus oregon shed the microorganism during this play but are astir infectious erstwhile they person symptoms.

Outbreaks person been known to impact hospitals and attraction homes too. Avoid visiting aged oregon poorly relatives, peculiarly if they are successful hospital, experts advise.

Dr Nick Scriven, past president of the Society for Acute Medicine, said: "We are present conscionable days distant from the lifting of the remaining [Covid] restrictions successful England and our NHS is nether large strain.

"This has been compounded contiguous by the informing that cases of norovirus, commonly known arsenic the wintertime vomiting bug, person present reached pre-pandemic levels successful summer.

"Considering the interaction this has erstwhile it makes its mode into hospitals - furniture closures, infecting earnestly unwell radical and unit lack - it is frankly precise worrying."

Prof Paul Hunter, from the Norwich School of Medicine astatine the University of East Anglia, said the summation of cases of norovirus successful children "almost certainly" reflected reduced immunity to this corruption arsenic a effect of not being exposed to it arsenic the state locked down for Covid.

"We person already started to spot cases rising for immoderate of the different respiratory viruses and this reminds america that arsenic we travel retired of lockdown we are apt to commencement seeing galore different infections rising that whitethorn origin problems for nationalist wellness and the NHS.

"Doctors successful caller Zealand person coined the operation 'immunity debt' to picture this phenomenon.

"As yet we bash not cognize however overmuch of an further load this volition origin for nationalist wellness successful the UK but we request to show this."

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