Why Slater as Queensland coach is 'not easy'

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Queensland State of Origin large Darren Lockyer says there's nary uncertainty Billy Slater has the credentials to manager the side, but he's identified 1 large challenge.

Slater confirmed earlier this week that he was successful discussions with the QRL implicit the summer, admitting helium was "taken aback" erstwhile the thought was archetypal raised.

The 38-year-old said helium told QRL brag Bruce Hatcher helium wasn't funny aft speculation astir who would manager the Maroons turned into a "circus".

Paul Green yet got the job, although his aboriginal successful the relation is nether accrued scrutiny successful the aftermath of Queensland's dismal showing successful the opening 2 matches of the series.

The Maroons person been blown disconnected the parkland by NSW, who person won the 2 matches by a combined people of 76-6. Former Blues manager Phil Gould said connected 100% Footy that helium expects Green to beryllium axed up of the 2022 series.

"They volition beryllium making a change, helium won't beryllium going astir adjacent year," Gould said.

Speaking connected the Wide World of Sports amusement QLDER, Lockyer said Slater was an evident prime to manager the broadside down the track.

"You tin conscionable perceive to him connected the TV, he's spell the smarts, helium knows the game, helium breaks it down," helium said.

Billy Slater was a cardinal fig successful Queensland's aureate era. (Getty)

"If I look backmost to my acquisition with Mal (Meninga), erstwhile Mal walked into the room, helium had an aura, radical listened to him and that's due to the fact that of his playing grounds astatine Origin level.

"If you transportation that into Billy, his grounds is conscionable arsenic good, if not better."

Slater past played for Queensland successful his last play successful the NRL, successful 2018, having represented the Maroons successful 31 matches, and playing a cardinal relation successful the side's record-breaking tally of 11 bid wins successful 12 years.

But according to Lockyer, the information he's lone been retired of the crippled for 3 years mightiness beryllium the 1 origin that counts against Slater.

"The lone happening you would ask, is immoderate of these players he'd beryllium coaching person really played footy with him," Locker explained.

"That's not ever an casual gig.

Maroons manager Paul Green is nether unit to support his job. (Getty)

"Billy would locomotion into a country and person the upmost respect of everyone successful the country due to the fact that of what he's done connected the field.

"I'm not saying it can't beryllium done, I conscionable deliberation that's the 1 situation you have.

"There's nary doubt, his playing grounds and his cognition of the game, and the mode helium sees the game, there's nary uncertainty he's a coach."

While Green's aboriginal could beryllium connected the enactment successful Game Three of the series, different erstwhile Queensland great, Sam Thaiday, believes there's small to beryllium gained by dumping Green aft conscionable 3 matches.

Since State of Origin moved the a 3 lucifer bid successful 1982, lone Des Morris successful 1985 has been replaced arsenic Queensland manager aft a azygous bid successful charge.

"I deliberation it's ace hard to justice him disconnected the 1 series," Thaiday said.

"It's been a spot of a weird bid arsenic well, a crippled successful Townsville, a crippled connected the Gold Coast, there's been a batch of injuries.

"I deliberation helium gets each accidental to spell again adjacent year.

"Hopefully circumstances are a spot antithetic adjacent year, a settled play volition truly assistance him out."

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