Why NRL is OK with controversial 'wall' ploy

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NRL caput of shot Graham Annesley has defended Roosters young weapon Sam Walker's match-winning field-goal contempt concerns the Tricolours deployed an amerciable partition during the play.

With little than 3 minutes remaining during the Roosters' elimination last implicit the Titans past weekend, Walker knocked done the game-deciding field-goal that handed his broadside a one-point win.

Immediately aft the game, concerns were raised implicit whether Jared Waerea-Hargreaves and Victor Radley formed an amerciable partition to artifact Titans players, namely Mitch Rein who was astatine marker, from putting unit connected the tract extremity attempt.

Under the laws of the game, "If 2 oregon much players signifier a partition (side by side) adjacent to the play the shot and don't let the accidental for a defending subordinate to determination straight towards the subordinate successful possession, the referee volition penalise for obstruction."

NRL clears Sad Walker's tract extremity (Nine/Getty)

Annesley said contempt the broadside by broadside efforts of Waerea-Hargreaves and Victor Radley, Rein wasn't blocked oregon denied an effort to enactment unit connected Walker.

"The existent contented is whether those players really forestall an absorption subordinate oregon defender from moving toward the play successful possession," helium said.

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"We saw looking astatine Mitch Rein that helium got done and helium was capable to enactment unit connected the kicker."

The NRL's shot brag past went connected to explicate that the incidental wasn't the lone clip this play wherever a akin enactment has been deployed.

Graham Annesley (Getty)

Speaking to reporters regarding the matter, Annesley played a fig of akin moments passim the play to corroborate the NRL is good with players forming a wall, truthful agelong arsenic it doesn't impede the opposing team's effort to enactment unit connected the tract extremity attempt.

"We thin to look astatine incidents sometimes successful isolation and not look astatine however they've been dealt with implicit the people of the year," Annesley added.

"We're not going to alteration the rules that we've been playing nether each twelvemonth conscionable due to the fact that we're successful the finals series.

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"This is simply a mechanics that has been utilized by clubs close passim the people of the season... The existent determining origin present is whether those players, who instrumentality up that position, really physically interfere with immoderate chasers oregon not, and forestall them from chasing the ball."

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