Which children are being vaccinated and why?

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By James Gallagher
Health and subject correspondent

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Hundreds of thousands of children astatine higher hazard from coronavirus corruption are to beryllium offered a Covid vaccine successful the UK.

However, the immense bulk of children volition not beryllium immunised.

Which children volition beryllium offered the vaccine?

The grounds connected the harms and benefits of vaccination has been reviewed by the UK's Joint Committee connected Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI).

It has recommended vaccinating children aged 12-15 if they are astatine higher hazard of Covid owed to:

  • Severe neurodisability (which could see conditions specified arsenic cerebral palsy, autism oregon epilepsy)
  • Down's syndrome
  • A severely weakened immune system, including immoderate children with cancer
  • Profound and aggregate learning difficulties

Those astatine higher hazard who are already aged 16 oregon 17 tin beryllium vaccinated nether existing rules.

The JCVI has besides recommended immunising 12-17 twelvemonth olds who unrecorded with radical who person a suppressed immune system, arsenic a signifier of indirect protection.

What astir those who are astir 18?

Young radical who are wrong 3 months of turning 18 volition besides beryllium offered the jab.

Born successful the summer, they would beryllium the youngest successful their classes. The purpose would beryllium to get them protected earlier going to assemblage oregon starting work.

Which vaccine volition they get?

It volition beryllium the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine.

This is the lone vaccine that has been approved for usage successful children successful the UK. The medicines and information regulator has fixed a licence for the vaccine to beryllium utilized successful the implicit 12s.

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Is the Covid vaccine harmless for children?

No medicine is wholly harmless and each are a equilibrium of hazard and benefit.

But the Pfizer jab wouldn't person been approved for UK usage if it wasn't considered safe.

The vaccine has been linked to incredibly uncommon cases of inflammation of the bosom musculus (myocaritis) and of the sac the bosom beats wrong (pericarditis). This was recovered to beryllium much communal successful younger men and aft a 2nd dose.

But the European Medicines Agency - which approves vaccines for the European Union - says determination person been one-to-two cases per cardinal radical fixed the vaccine. Nearly everyone made a afloat recovery.

What are different countries doing?

Many countries person already decided to vaccinate children over the property of 12 - including Canada and Brazil.

The EU approved the Pfizer vaccine for over-12s successful May - aft a survey recovered a akin immune effect successful 12- to 15-year-olds arsenic for 16- to 25-year-olds. Children were besides recovered to acquisition the aforesaid communal broadside effects, specified arsenic headaches.

Both Pfizer and Moderna are conducting trials of their vaccines connected children arsenic young arsenic six months old.

Will each UK children beryllium offered the vaccine?

The government's vaccine advisors accidental the benefits of being vaccinated are precise tiny successful steadfast children. This is due to the fact that truthful fewer children go earnestly sick oregon dice from Covid.

The JCVI besides says the payment to adults from vaccinating children (to bounds the dispersed of Covid) is unclear arsenic truthful galore susceptible radical person been immunised already. It besides says determination is nary wide grounds that vaccinating children volition forestall youngsters from getting long-Covid.

However, the JCVI is waiting for much information and effectiveness information to spot if much children should beryllium offered jabs.

There is nary vaccine presently approved for usage successful the nether 12s successful the UK.

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How galore children person died from Covid?

Almost each children and young radical are astatine precise debased hazard from Covid-19.

Data for England suggests astir 25 children died from Covid successful the archetypal 12 months of the pandemic.

The bulk of them besides had terrible wellness problems, including analyzable neurodisabilities.

Only six had nary recorded wellness conditions.

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