Weekend reads: Can you find a beautiful retirement spot for $250,000?

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As portion of her Where Should I Retire series, Silvia Ascarelli helps a mates looking to bargain a location for $250,000 oregon little “in a assemblage that has entree to taste events, bully restaurants arsenic good arsenic bully biking and hiking.” That’s a gangly order, but present are three imaginable locations.

For your ain status determination search, effort MarketWatch’s upgraded retirement determination tool, which present includes information for much than 3,000 U.S. counties.

Related: We unrecorded successful California wherever $1 cardinal gets you a fixer-upper. Should we halt investing $5,000 a period and bargain a location instead?

Funding an aboriginal retirement

Selecting a destination is 1 happening — however astir paying for it? Alessandra Malito helps a mates that look to person prepared good for retirement, but need to get a grip connected their expected income and expenses.

Do you person capable to retire? Run your numbers with this escaped status calculator.

Money managers are pushing for bitcoin ETFs — could that beryllium a bearish motion for cryptocurrencies?

MarketWatch photograph illustration/iStockphoto

Many plus managers person filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission to found exchange-traded funds that clasp bitcoin BTCUSD, +2.10%. Some contrarian investors mightiness expect an adjacent higher level of enthusiasm for cryptocurrencies to beryllium a motion of a marketplace apical and a apt crash. Mark Hulbert looks backmost astatine marketplace past to travel up with a effect that whitethorn sooth bitcoin fans.

More astir ETFs:

An fantabulous net play is astir to begin

Joy Wiltermuth explains wherefore second-quarter net season, which begins adjacent week, is expected to beryllium a highest for firm nett increases.

More connected net expectations: Here’s your accidental to bargain slope stocks earlier rising involvement rates boost profits

The lawsuit for a agelong bull marketplace for stocks

There are ever warnings successful the fiscal media astir a pending stock-market crash. But Michael Brush outlines a lawsuit for another 5 bully years for stocks.

What’s truly going connected with the delta variant?

Reports person been mixed implicit whether the existent batch of COVID-19 vaccines from Pfizer Inc. PFE, +1.06% and others support against the delta variant of the virus. Jaimy Lee takes a deeper look into the information and what scientists are saying astir it.

Houston, we person a caller tech town

Jon Swartz reports astir the question of exertion institution relocating to Houston, including Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co. HPE, +1.89%.

What to cognize astir 2 IPOs

Zevia, which makes beverages from “clean” ingredients and without sweetener oregon artificial sweeteners, has filed to database its shares connected the New York Stock Exchange. The ticker awesome volition beryllium “ZVIA.” Tonya Garcia shares five things you should cognize astir the company if you are considering an investment.

Dole PLC is besides readying to database shares connected the NYSE. Here’s what imaginable investors request to cognize astir this company.

Oil rises again

Oil prices deed their highest level this week since 2014. William Watts explains however disagreements betwixt OPEC members has affected the vigor marketplace and what whitethorn prevarication ahead.

Putting wealth connected oil: Here are Wall Street’s 20 favourite vigor stocks arsenic crude lipid hits a 6-year precocious

Spain wants you

The Four Seasons Hotel Madrid opened astatine the tallness of the pandemic successful September.

MarketWatch/Barbara Kollmeyer

Barbara Kollmeyer lives successful Madrid and documents a tourer destination that is coming backmost to life.

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