Webber reveals surprise F1 twist for Aussie prodigy

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Nine-time expansive prix victor Mark Webber says Australia's Oscar Piastri remains a accidental of securing the past spot connected the Formula One grid for 2022.

The 20-year-old is the hottest imaginable successful the athletics astatine the moment. Having won the F3 title successful 2020 arsenic a rookie, he's connected way to repetition the feat successful F2 this year, holding a 36-point pb with six races remaining.

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A title triumph would spot him articulation existent F1 stars George Russell and Charles Leclerc arsenic the lone drivers to triumph some inferior categories arsenic a rookie.

But his roadworthy to F1 has been acold from smooth, with conscionable 1 spot connected the grid remaining for 2022, with Alfa Romeo yet to corroborate the individuality of Valtteri Bottas' teammate.

Mark Webber congratulates Oscar Piastri aft his F2 triumph astatine Monza. (Getty)

Piastri, who is portion of the Alpine academy, told Wide World of Sports precocious that helium didn't expect to beryllium successful the running for the Alfa Romeo drive, alternatively focusing his vigor connected securing a relation arsenic Alpine's trial and reserve driver, with a presumption to replacing Fernando Alonso successful the contention squad successful 2023.

That, however, is not certain, with Alonso showing nary signs of wanting to retire, adjacent though he'll crook 41 midway done adjacent season.

However, speaking to the F1 Nation podcast, Webber, who manages Piastri, hinted astatine a astonishment determination for 2022.

Oscar Piastri aft winning his 2nd contention of the F2 play astatine Monza. (Getty)

"Well, mate, let's see, it's going to beryllium an absorbing fewer months, thing is wholly sorted yet, there's inactive a small spot of shenanigans to beryllium sorted out, and that could autumn successful his favour," helium said.

Alfa Romeo brag Frederic Vasseur said astatine past week's Turkish Grand Prix that taking Piastri wouldn't marque sense, fixed he's a subordinate of the Alpine Academy. However, China's Guanyu Zhou, who is the favourite to get the drive, is besides successful the aforesaid programme with Piastri.

The waters were further muddied past week by reports erstwhile IndyCar champion Michael Andretti is considering purchasing a controlling involvement successful Alfa Romeo.

"The Alfa spot is moving round, we spot present Andretti floating astir successful presumption of possibly concern – so, wow. It's an absorbing past seat, mate, successful presumption of dynamic, but does helium [Piastri] merit to beryllium successful F1? Absolutely. We each cognize that.

"It's not a question of if but when."

Oscar Piastri connected the mode to triumph astatine Monza. (Getty)

"Alpine are very, precise keen connected him, Alpine bash not privation him to gaffe done their fingers to accidental the least, they're benignant of looking to effort to re-engage and perpetrate to the future.

"It's not done yet but they're trying precise very hard to support Oscar blessed for the future, and that's thing that we're going done arsenic we speak."

Webber pointed retired that each F1 squad wanted a young, speedy operator with 50 races nether his belt, with astir being reluctant to instrumentality connected a rookie and springiness him a play oregon 2 to find his feet.

Oscar Piastri during his archetypal F1 trial for Renault (now Alpine). (Supplied)

"F1's not a finishing school, you person to get determination arsenic the champion merchandise you tin perchance beryllium and past commencement contributing consecutive distant to the team's performance," helium said.

"And that's thing which I judge Oscar volition perfectly do.

"The much vigor you enactment on, the deeper h2o you enactment him in, the much laptops you enactment astir him, the much people, helium conscionable starts to soak it up. And immoderate drivers spell the different mode – inferior categories, they similar it, but erstwhile you commencement to enactment the vigor connected past they don't similar it."

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