watchOS 8 release date, features and everything you need to know

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At the WWDC 2021 keynote, Apple revealed watchOS 8, its upcoming update for its Apple Watch operating system. While an Apple Watch Series 7 was confirmed astatine the September 14 event, determination wasn’t a merchandise date, portion determination was 1 confirmed for watchOS 8.

The caller update brings a caller Mindfulness app, slumber app updates to way Respiratory Rate, Fitness Plus updates, and more. They don’t look similar immense changes, but cheque watchOS 8 features beneath for each the caller perks coming to your Apple Watch.

And there’s bully quality for older Apple Watch owners: the watchOS 8 enactment devices database hasn’t changed from past year’s watchOS 7, meaning Apple Watch 3 and newer devices volition beryllium capable to download the operating system.

A watchOS 8 nationalist beta was released astatine the extremity of June, and it’s disposable to anyone with a watchOS 8-compatible Apple Watch (scroll beneath for the afloat list). If you privation an aboriginal look astatine what’s coming successful the afloat release, you tin download it now.
However, Apple announced an lawsuit for September 14, which, announced updates to its iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch line, alongside a merchandise day for watchOS 8. If you missed the event, you tin drawback up with what was announced.
Cut to the chase
What is it? The adjacent large Apple Watch bundle update
When is it out? September 20
How overmuch volition it cost? It volition beryllium free
watchOS 8 merchandise date
The watchOS 8 update volition onshore connected September 20, not agelong aft the September 14 event, wherever the Apple Watch Series 7 and the iPhone 13 enactment were confirmed.
While the Apple Watch Series 7 is yet to person a merchandise date, you tin update to watchOS 8 connected your existing ticker from September 20, truthful you tin instrumentality vantage of the latest features.

watchOS 8 supported devices
The watchOS 8 update is officially compatible with each models from the Apple Watch 3 onwards, according to Apple’s authoritative WWDC 2021 announcement. This doesn’t displacement from the watchOS 7 compatibility list, truthful if you’ve gotten past year’s large update, you’ll beryllium capable to tally this year’s caller software, too.
You’ll request an iPhone compatible with the adjacent mentation of iOS, truthful if you privation to upgrade to watchOS 8, you’ll request to brace it with astatine slightest an iPhone 6S moving iOS 15.

watchOS 8 features
The watchOS 8 update offers a fig of smaller features, each augmenting however you usually usage your Apple Watches. While we didn’t spot immoderate monumental upgrades this clip around, determination are immoderate prime of beingness improvements for existing apps and caller functionality.
Wallet: integer IDs, present connected your Apple Watch
The Wallet app is adding much ways to wirelessly interact with places and things. Some of this is constricted to the Apple Watch 6 and its Ultra Wideband tech, similar the quality to unlock your car (first unveiled astatine WWDC 2020 and coming to prime vehicles) and commencement it from the driver’s seat, per Apple’s property release.

But astir Apple Watches should beryllium capable to payment from adding much integer keys to Wallet for their home, office, and hotel, and usage their wearables to unlock them.

Perhaps astir surprising: individuals successful participating US states volition beryllium capable to adhd their driver’s licence oregon authorities ID to Wallet, and immoderate TSA checkpoints volition commencement accepting these integer IDs – conscionable adhd them successful the iOS Wallet app and you tin show them connected your Apple Watch.
New Mindfulness app and slumber tracking
The Breathe app has been incorporated into the caller Mindfulness app on with a caller activity, Reflect, to locomotion users done a antithetic benignant of mindful league reflecting connected past events.

Sleep tracking present monitors a caller metric – respiratory complaint – which measures breaths per minute. And each information fed into the Health app is besides folded into caller Trends, tracking however your wellness metrics displacement implicit longer periods of time.

Workout app and Apple Fitness Plus
The watchOS Workout app is getting 2 caller workout activities – Tai Chi and Pilates, some of which are much relaxed and mindful exercises to travel the yoga workout. These person custom-built bosom complaint and question algorithms, per Apple’s property release.

There’s besides caller functionality successful the Apple Fitness Plus watchOS app, similar Picture successful Picture enactment and much filtering options. You tin besides transportation workouts seamlessly betwixt devices, pausing workout connected 1 and starting it again connected another.

Fitness Plus is besides adding much workouts by adept Jeanette Jenkins, arsenic good arsenic a caller philharmonic Artist Spotlight Series with workouts tuned to full playlists by artists similar Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban, and Alicia Keys.

The Photos app has been redesigned with caller ways to navigate collections, portion Memories and Featured Photos sync to the Apple Watch from the iOS app. A caller Portraits ticker look lets you crook your Portrait-mode photos into ticker faces and twist the crown to change depth.

The Apple Watch volition besides show the clip oregon complications down the idiosyncratic successful the Portrait, truthful you won’t get numbers covering up their features.

watchOS 8

Messages besides gets much granular controls, similar twisting the crown to determination the cursor and adjacent the capableness to hunt and reply with GIFs. There’s besides a caller Contacts app brought implicit to watchOS to browse, edit, and stock contacts from your Apple Watch.

New features successful different products besides adhd Apple Watch features, similar Intercom, an upgrade for the Home app that lets you spot who’s astatine the doorway via unrecorded video provender and adjacent greet them.

The caller Focus diagnostic successful iOS besides comes to watchOS 8: whichever Focus users acceptable connected their iPhone volition transportation implicit to their Apple Watch, allowing them to acceptable their notification settings to prioritize work, fitness, sleep, oregon simply bash not disturb.

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