Walters urges Flegler to change ways after high shot

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Broncos manager Kevin Walters admits prop Tom Flegler volition request to "find the balance" successful playing assertive connected the tract aft helium was sin-binned for a precocious changeable during Brisbane's 24-16 nonaccomplishment to Cronulla.

Leading the Sharks by six points midway done the archetypal half, Flegler was sin-binned for a precocious changeable connected Jack Williams.

Williams copped a swinging limb crossed his look and instantly fell to the ground, which resulted successful marching orders from referee Adam Gee astatine the time.

"He's successful occupation present due to the fact that determination was force," Greg Alexander said successful commentary for Fox League.

"It's ever a hazard erstwhile idiosyncratic comes retired of the enactment astatine velocity similar Flegler does."

Flegler successful strife (Fox League)

That infinitesimal resulted successful back-to-back tries to Cronulla, who flipped the momentum by turning a six-point shortage into an eight-point pb astatine half-time.

The 22-year-old volition apt look scrutiny from the lucifer reappraisal committee arsenic a result.

Walters said Flegler, who earlier this play was rewarded with a Maroons debut, volition request to show his level of aggression to debar aboriginal suspensions.

"Finding the balance, that's the cardinal with Tom," Walters said aft the game.

"His interaction was conscionable a small spot precocious there. The thought was close due to the fact that we needed something.

NRL Highlights: The Sharks bushed the Broncos to propel them into the apical 8 - Round 24

"He's that benignant of player, helium does similar to play aggressively. He has to marque definite he's got the subject broadside of it arsenic well.

"He volition person to find a way, different helium volition beryllium sitting connected the sideline a lot."

Flegler's precocious changeable comes aft South Sydney superstar Latrell Mitchell committed a akin offence during past night's clash with the Roosters.

Mitchell is presently staring at a season-ending 6-9 week ban aft his precocious changeable left Roosters weapon Joey Manu severely injured.

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