Virgin Galactic: Sir Richard Branson rockets to the edge of space

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By Jonathan Amos
BBC Science Correspondent

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Sir Richard Branson has reached space, according to his company, Virgin Galactic.

The UK entrepreneur took the thrust of his beingness supra New Mexico successful the US successful a rocket level the institution has been processing for 17 years.

The vehicle, known arsenic Unity, was released astatine altitude from the belly of a larger aircraft, earlier past igniting its centrifugal to contention vertically upwards.

Sir Richard has present landed safely backmost connected Earth.

We await authoritative confirmation of the tallness reached by Sir Richard, but it appears to person been 85km (282,000ft; 53 miles).

He was accompanied connected the ngo by Unity's 2 pilots, Dave Mackay and Michael Masucci, and 3 Galactic employees - Beth Moses, Colin Bennett and Sirisha Bandla.

media captionWatch the infinitesimal Sir Richard Branson takes disconnected connected his abstraction flight

Sir Richard billed the formation arsenic a trial of the abstraction tourism acquisition helium expects to statesman selling to customers from adjacent year.

Some 600 individuals person already paid deposits for tickets that volition outgo them up to $250,000 (£180,000).

These are each radical who privation to scope a tallness wherever they tin spot the entity crook achromatic and marvel astatine the Earth's skyline arsenic it curves distant into the distance. Such a formation should besides spend them astir 5 minutes of weightlessness during which they volition beryllium allowed to interval astir wrong Unity's cabin.

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It's been a agelong roadworthy for Sir Richard to get to this point. He archetypal announced his volition to marque a abstraction level successful 2004, with the content helium could commencement a commercialized work by 2007.

But method difficulties, including a fatal crash during a improvement formation successful 2014, person made the abstraction task 1 of the astir challenging ventures of his career.

"I've wanted to spell to abstraction since I was a kid, and I privation to alteration hopefully hundreds of thousands of different radical implicit the adjacent 100 years to beryllium capable to spell to space," Sir Richard told the BBC earlier Sunday's flight.

"And wherefore shouldn't they spell to space? Space is extraordinary; the Universe is magnificent. I privation radical to beryllium capable to look backmost astatine our beauteous Earth and travel location and enactment precise hard to effort to bash magic to it to look aft it."

Space tourism is simply a assemblage being rekindled aft a decade's hiatus, and it's astir to get precise competitive.

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image captionAlso connected the flight: Two pilots and 3 crewmates from Virgin Galactic

Throughout the 2000s, 7 affluent individuals paid to sojourn the International Space Station (ISS). But this adventurism, organised nether the patronage of the Russian abstraction agency, ceased successful 2009.

Now, caller initiatives abound. As good arsenic Sir Richard's approach, determination are projects coming from laminitis Jeff Bezos and the California tech entrepreneur Elon Musk.

The Russians, too, are reprising their commercialized flights to the ISS, and determination are adjacent those who privation to motorboat backstage abstraction stations for radical to visit. Among these is Axiom, a institution started by a erstwhile Nasa ISS programme manager.

Sir Richard received a connection of goodwill from Mr Bezos connected Saturday, though determination is intelligibly immoderate borderline successful their relationship.

A time earlier, Mr Bezos's Blue Origin abstraction institution had issued a tweet that took a popular astatine Virgin Galactic's Unity vehicle. The posting repeated a assertion that anyone who flew connected the rocket level would everlastingly person an asterisk by their sanction due to the fact that they wouldn't scope the "internationally recognised" altitude for wherever abstraction begins - the alleged Kármán enactment of 100km.

The US government, however, has ever recognised the bound of abstraction to beryllium astatine astir 80km (50 miles) and it awards astronaut wings to anyone who exceeds this altitude. Before Sunday, lone 580 radical had ever been supra this height.

Unity is simply a sub-orbital vehicle. This means it can't execute the velocity and altitude indispensable to support it up successful abstraction to ellipse the globe.

The conveyance is designed to springiness its passengers stunning views astatine the apical of its ascent and let them a fewer minutes to acquisition weightlessness.

Unity is archetypal carried by a overmuch bigger aeroplane to an altitude of astir 15km (50,000ft), wherever it is released.

A rocket centrifugal successful the backmost of Unity past ignites to blast the vessel skyward.

The maximum tallness achievable by Unity is astir 90km (55 miles, oregon 295,000ft). Passengers are allowed to unbuckle to interval to a window.

Unity folds its tailbooms connected descent to stabilise its autumn earlier past gliding home.

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