UK looks to extend ivory ban to hippos and other animals

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Hippos, walruses and whales could person greater ineligible extortion nether UK authorities proposals to ace down connected ivory poaching.

Ministers privation to widen the Ivory Act due to the fact that they accidental elephants are not the lone animals astatine risk.

Conservationists person welcomed the determination arsenic sending a "clear awesome to the remainder of the world".

Boris Johnson has antecedently announced that backing to tackle the amerciable wildlife commercialized volition beryllium increased.

The Ivory Act, which gained Royal Assent successful 2018, volition present a adjacent full prohibition connected the import, export and dealing of items containing elephant ivory successful the UK, but it has not yet go law.

Now the situation section says it needs to spell further.

Ivory markets

Under the caller plans - which unfastened for nationalist consultation connected Saturday - it would beryllium broadened to screen different animals facing threats from hunters.

Ministers accidental hippos are besides astatine hazard from poachers, portion slayer whales and sperm whales are targeted for their teeth and narwhals and walruses for their tusks.

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The consultation puts guardant 3 options: retaining the existent prohibition connected elephant ivory successful the UK only, extending the Act to hippo ivory only, and extending it the 5 listed species.

International Environment Minister Lord Goldsmith said: "The Ivory Act is 1 of the toughest bans of its benignant successful the satellite and sends a wide connection that we are doing each that we tin to prevention elephants from the menace of extinction.

"However the ivory commercialized is simply a conservation menace for different magnificent taxon specified arsenic the hippo, narwhal and walrus that are astatine threat.

"So I impulse everyone to stock their views to assistance guarantee we tin support much animals from the grim ivory trade."

Dr Mark Jones, caput of argumentation astatine the Born Free Foundation, said: "Closing down elephant ivory markets is an indispensable measurement towards securing a aboriginal for elephants.

"However, by focusing lone connected the commercialized successful elephant ivory, different ivory-bearing taxon could endure arsenic ivory traders and consumers crook to alternatives.

"By taking this step, the UK tin nonstop a wide awesome to the remainder of the satellite that sidesplitting animals to carve ornaments from their teeth is not acceptable successful the 21st century."

The premier curate has antecedently announced that backing to tackle the amerciable wildlife commercialized volition beryllium accrued arsenic portion of the £220 cardinal International Biodiversity Fund.

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