UK job vacancies climb past pre-pandemic levels

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The fig of occupation vacancies successful the UK surpassed pre-pandemic levels successful the 3 months to June, according to caller data.

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) said determination were 862,000 jobs connected connection betwixt April and June, 77,500 higher than the 4th of 2020.

The ONS said the emergence was driven by "hospitality, wholesaling and retailing".

The fig of radical connected payrolls besides grew, up by 356,000 successful June.

Some regions of the UK saw payroll numbers emergence past levels seen earlier Covid forced the state into lockdown, including the North East, the North West, the East Midlands and Northern Ireland.

However, the ONS said the fig of payroll workers remained 206,000 beneath pre-pandemic levels astatine 28.9 million.

"The labour marketplace is continuing to recover, with the fig of employees connected payroll up again powerfully successful June," said Darren Morgan, manager of economical statistic astatine the ONS.

"However, it is inactive implicit 200,000 down connected pre-pandemic levels, portion a ample fig of workers stay connected furlough."

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