Ugle-Hagan stars as Bulldogs overcome Suns

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Jamarra Ugle-Hagan has shown precisely wherefore helium was the archetypal subordinate picked successful past year's nationalist draft, kicking 3 goals successful his 2nd lucifer arsenic the Western Bulldogs got backmost connected the winners' list.

After a somewhat quiescent debut past week against Sydney, Ugle-Hagan got started early, kicking a extremity successful each of the archetypal 3 quarters arsenic the Bulldogs ran retired 14. 6. (90) to 11. 13. (79) winners implicit the Gold Coast Suns astatine Metricon Stadium.

Ugle-Hagan's quiescent archetypal lucifer coupled with the instrumentality of prima guardant Aaron Naughton from a concussion meant that determination were doubts implicit whether the 19-year-old would get a 2nd crippled this week, but coach Luke Beveridge's religion successful the youngster was yet vindicated.

Following his starring effort, Ugle-Hagan admitted that his archetypal extremity successful the opening word "woke [him] up".

Jamarra Ugle-Hagan showed his superb acceptable changeable kicking signifier by nailing 3 consecutive goals (Getty)

"I was like, 'Wow, I conscionable kicked a extremity successful the AFL', but it was unreal," helium told Fox Footy. "I volition retrieve that forever. [I inactive pinch myself] a small bit."

"It's lone my 2nd game, but I inactive get tense and it doesn't consciousness existent astatine the start. Even rooming with the boys, it's conscionable unbelievable. It inactive doesn't consciousness real."

Ugle-Hagan paid tribute to his manager for continuing to person religion successful him and touched connected the connection the 2 shared aft his quiescent debut past week.

"He evidently wants maine to play my crippled and spell retired and person fun," helium said.

Ugle-Hagan is mobbed by his Bulldogs teammates aft 1 of his 3 goals against the Suns (Getty)

"Last week was a learning constituent and helium believed successful me, which I americium grateful for to travel retired and play similar this."

Along with Ugle-Hagan's starring role, the Bulldogs volition besides beryllium buoyed by the palmy instrumentality from wounded for Josh Dunkley, who finished with 21 possessions and six tackles.

The triumph puts the Bulldogs backmost connected apical of the ladder pending the effect of Melbourne's clash against Hawthorn aboriginal connected Saturday night.

The Bulldogs are presently scheduled to look Adelaide astatine Mars Stadium successful Ballarat adjacent weekend, portion the Suns are scheduled to look Melbourne astatine TIO Stadium successful Darwin, though some matches could beryllium altered by COVID-19 outbreaks astir Australia.

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