Twist in Ferguson future after finals stunner

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Blake Ferguson is playing for his aboriginal - and the seasoned winger whitethorn person secured himself a caller woody with the Eels with a beardown showing against Newcastle successful yesterday's abrupt decease win.

Fergy wasn't cleanable - helium made a mates of errors - but the plusses acold outweighed the minuses.

Blake Ferguson celebrates a effort against the Knights successful their final. (Getty)

The erstwhile Blues winger is simply a big-game subordinate - yesterday was his 14th finals lucifer and helium has bagged 12 tries successful those games.

His 2 tries yesterday - which came aft helium sustained a achy limb wounded successful an amerciable tackle - were important moments successful the Eels' gritty win.

Rugby national beckons Fergy - but helium whitethorn person earned himself 1 past tilt astatine the NRL with his efforts yesterday.


Christian Welch is yet different of Craig Bellamy's astonishing occurrence stories and helium led the mode successful the guardant exchanges successful the triumph implicit Manly.

The gangly guardant scored a effort and ran for 151 metres - the astir of immoderate guardant connected the parkland - and much than 4 of Manly's starting battalion - Josh Schuster, Haumole Olakau'atu, Jake Trbojevic and Karl Lawton - combined.

The Queenslander is 1 of the NRL's large improvers successful 2021 and his fearsome charges and no-nonsense defence are a large crushed the Storm are blistery favourites for back-to-back titles.

NRL Highlights: Storm trounce the Sea Eagles to footwear disconnected the Finals - Qualifying Finals


It speaks volumes for Tom Trbojevic's people that he was roundly criticised for his show successful the Sea Eagles' nonaccomplishment to Melbourne.

Sure, helium wasn't astatine his champion - but a batch of that tin beryllium enactment down to the Storm's full guardant dominance and Manly's precocious mistake rate.

Despite having small tract position, Trbojevic ran for 188 metres - intelligibly the astir of immoderate Manly player.

Had helium got much country to determination down the close extremity of the field, helium whitethorn good person caused the Storm much problems than helium did.

Watch for Turbo to bounce backmost against the Roosters adjacent week.

How Melbourne planned for Tom Trbojevic


Rugby league players are notoriously mediocre astatine kicking tract goals - but don't effort telling that to Roosters 'super sub' Sam Walker.

The 19-year-old landed his 3rd one-pointer of the twelvemonth erstwhile helium came connected precocious successful the gripping clash with the Titans connected Saturday night.

The teen who wasn't expected to play NRL this play - but was thrust into the blistery spot by the Roosters' wounded situation - has present won 3 matches for the nine with his radar close boot.

Without him, the Roosters' play would beryllium implicit - and his boldness typifies the wounded Roosters' warring tone arsenic they enactment live successful the premiership race.

Walker nails clutch tract extremity


Adam Reynolds is renowned arsenic 1 of the champion wide play kickers successful rugby league - but the seasoned Rabbitohs fractional has had to alteration his crippled successful the aftermath of Latrell Mitchell's absence.

Never known arsenic a large runner of the shot arsenic halfbacks go, Reynolds adapted his crippled successful good benignant successful his team's upset triumph implicit Penrith.

The Broncos-bound halfback ran the shot 16 times - astir apt arsenic galore arsenic successful immoderate crippled successful his vocation - making conscionable nether 100 metres.

The Rabbitohs are missing Mitchell's powerfulness crippled - but with Reynolds and Cody Walker some moving the shot with purpose, they led the mode for a memorable 16-10 win.

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