This Oculus VR headset could feature lifelike resolution – here’s why that matters

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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has teased a VR headset that’s presently successful the prototyping stages implicit astatine Facebook Reality Labs. The headset astir apt isn’t the Oculus Quest 2 successor we’re each waiting for, but according to Zuckerberg, volition diagnostic precocious ‘retina resolution.’

The Facebook CEO posted an image of himself wearing the prototype headset, stating that helium “spent the time with the Facebook Reality Labs probe squad successful Redmond to demo our next-generation virtual reality, augmented world and artificial quality tech. This 1 is an aboriginal retina solution prototype.”

‘Retina resolution’ refers to the constituent astatine which a device’s solution is indistinguishable from existent 20/20 vision, meaning that the headset’s show could beryllium arsenic wide arsenic the quality eye. If the prototyped headset ever reaches a wide market, it could beryllium the archetypal user VR merchandise to execute retina resolution.

Analysis: What does retina solution achieve?

A due retina solution hasn’t yet been achieved by a user VR headset, and it’s thing we don’t adjacent expect to spot successful the Oculus Quest 3. But if Oculus, oregon immoderate VR company, was capable to instrumentality retina solution into their headsets, it would beryllium a genuinely immense leap successful wide disposable VR technology.

While VR headset resolution, successful general, has travel connected leaps and bounds from earlier attempts like PSVR (which maxed retired astatine a soupy 960 x 1080 to accommodate the lacking specs of the PS4), we inactive haven’t travel adjacent to lifelike retina resolution, and we’re apt a fewer years distant from that astatine the least.

But what would retina solution mean for VR? For one, it would marque VR contented that’s much wide accessible. A solution comparable to the quality oculus would importantly trim question sickness, arsenic good arsenic that often unshakeable uncanny feeling that little resolutions produce.

The tech could marque augmented world much immersive, too, arsenic alluded to by Zuckerberg successful the punctuation above. If there’s small alteration betwixt your ain imaginativeness and that of the VR headset, past AR contented similar interactive objects and effects tin blend adjacent much seamlessly into your surroundings.

We’d beryllium funny to spot however retina solution tech would cookware retired for gaming, though. Surely, immoderate compromises would person to beryllium made depending connected a VR game’s graphical fidelity? As such, we’re not wholly convinced the tech volition beryllium capable to support up with AAA-quality VR titles, not successful the archetypal fractional of this decennary astatine least, arsenic adjacent immoderate of the best VR games right present necessitate almighty headsets similar the Valve Index in bid to afloat enjoy.

Still, retina solution tech surely does get the imaginativeness going, if thing else. We’ve each marvelled astatine subject fiction-level VR tech successful movies and shows before, truthful it’s a small chaotic to deliberation that we could beryllium stepping ever person to genuinely immersive VR, wherever the quality betwixt your ain imaginativeness and a device’s solution are negligible astatine best.


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