They Don’t Get to Define Patriotism: Watch Fox News Contributor Rip Trump Supporters Over Flags

4 months ago 28

Over the last number of years, Conservatives have acted like they are the true patriots in the county. They often claim that they care more about things like the military and the police.

And one thing that is especially important to right-wingers is the American flag. MSNBC pundit Mara Gay recently discussed the way Trump supporters display the flag. She said of a recent incident where she saw dozens of trucks with both Trump flags and American flags, “Essentially, the message was clear … ‘This is my country. This is not your country. I own this.'”

Not suprisingly, the anchors at Fox News blasted Gay over the comments. During a weekend appearance, Fox contributor Marie Harf blasted the response. She told Howard Kurtz, “I do think some of the media coverage on the right particularly was bad faith.”

The pundit continued, “Look, there is a question in this country — I have encountered it — where people on the right accuse me as a Democrat of not being patriotic. They say they own patriotism, they own the flag and they get to decide what that means.”

Harf closed her comments, “Some of the media response was in bad faith. I do think Trump supporters, many of them I’ve encountered, seem to think they get to define what patriotism is. We should have that conversation not in a bad faith way in the media.”

This was an inspired segment for Harf. Fox was clearly twisting Gay’s words to fit their narrative and this was a smart way to call that out.

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