'The Taliban killed my brother for protecting my family'

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By Tarah Welsh
BBC London

image captionSaba near Afghanistan immoderate 20 years ago

While watching the state helium grew up successful descend into chaos, Saba got the telephone helium had been dreading. His household told him "the Taliban are trying to pain down my location and asking for my brother", helium said. Nothing helium had seen earlier could person prepared him for what happened next.

Saba, who lives successful London, near Afghanistan 2 decades agone to flight the erstwhile Taliban regime.

His household stayed and made a caller beingness aft the Taliban were deposed successful the Afghanistan War.

Saba's member recovered a occupation that made him a people erstwhile the Taliban returned.

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image captionSaba says his household person gone to the airdrome "every day" to effort to fly the Taliban

"They thought helium had wealth and a weapon stashed away," Saba said.

After the Taliban regained power of Afghanistan, his household person been to the airdrome "every day" to effort to leave.

A fewer days ago, the Taliban turned up astatine his parents' location astatine night, Saba said, and asked for his older brother, who had gone into hiding to support his family.

"They burned the location looking for him, but they searched and couldn't find him," Saba said.

The Taliban past grabbed a antithetic member and killed him instead.

"In beforehand of my mum and successful beforehand of the kids they killed my younger brother."

Pictures shown to the BBC amusement a antheral lying dormant covered successful wounds.

"They killed him truly badly. You tin not termination anybody similar that," Saba said.

"The Taliban said 'if you don't amusement america your member we volition travel backmost and termination a kid each clip until you archer us'."

From a hiding spot retired of presumption of the Taliban soldiers, Saba's nephew managed to movie what was happening.

Saba said: "I person a representation that they sent to me.

"He said 'please we request your and the UK government's assistance to get america immigration'."

Within hours of the murder, Saba's sister-in-law gave commencement "to a kid that volition present turn up without a father", helium said.

His brother's young children are present without a begetter and terrified.

The full household person since gone into hiding. "Even I don't cognize wherever helium is," Saba said.

"I haven't got sleep, my slumber is gone. We request help.

"A cardinal Afghans indispensable beryllium successful the aforesaid situation."

Details person been near retired oregon changed to support the individuality of Saba's family.

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