The Papers: 'Pingdemic' hits supermarkets and NHS pay 'insult'

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By BBC News

image captionMany of the papers pb with what has been dubbed the "pingdemic", arsenic the ample fig of workers being told to self-isolate by the NHS Covid app continues to impact businesses. The Telegraph reports that nutrient manufacture leaders are informing supermarket proviso chains are starting to neglect due to the fact that of the issue, with shelves bare of basal supplies successful immoderate areas.
image caption"Pings are moving out", is the Sun's instrumentality connected the aforesaid story. It says supermarkets person warned the premier curate helium has conscionable 48 hours to hole the situation oregon shoppers volition look bare shelves.
image captionThe Daily Mail says branches of Tesco, Sainsbury's, Morrisons and Lidl were among the chains deed by bare shelves. The insubstantial says businesses privation cardinal employees to beryllium capable to debar self-isolation if they are afloat vaccinated and trial antagonistic for the virus. "When volition No 10 act?" it asks.
image captionBut the Times reports that ministers person confirmed supermarket workers are improbable to beryllium granted an exemption from isolation. Downing Street says lone a "very small" fig of radical successful captious sectors specified arsenic vigor and telecommunications volition beryllium allowed to instrumentality regular tests instead, the insubstantial adds.
image captionThe Daily Star warns of shortages of food, toilet rotation and fuel, with the reports of bare supermarket shelves prompting panic-buying "The bog rotation bandits are back," a sub-headline intones.
image caption"Shelf isolation" is the header for the Metro, which, similar galore papers, shows near-empty supermarket shelves successful its main beforehand leafage picture. It uses that wordplay to besides item that Sir Keir Starmer is besides self-isolating aft 1 of his children tested affirmative for Covid Like galore of the beforehand pages, the Metro besides features a caller representation of a grinning Prince George, who turns 8 today.
image captionThe one highlights the grade of the disruption to industries ranging from transport to the NHS, with the header "shutdown replaces lockdown". The insubstantial says NHS unit absences from self-isolation person risen by astir 60% successful 10 days, portion constabulary forces are downgrading non-emergency calls.
image captionThe Daily Mirror leads connected the connection of a 3% wage emergence for NHS workers, describing it arsenic an "insult" which amounts to a chopped successful wages successful existent terms. "Is that truly each they are worth?" the insubstantial asks.
image captionThe Guardian says nurses are apt to cull the connection and whitethorn instrumentality concern enactment successful protest, portion different unions besides program to ballot memberships implicit imaginable strikes. The insubstantial says the determination to exclude the NHS's 61,000 inferior doctors from the wage grant is "certain to origin heavy unease", noting that the radical undertook a bid of of strikes successful 2015-16 implicit a projected caller contract.
image captionThe Daily Express says the EU has triggered a caller Brexit stand-off aft rejecting the UK's proposals connected peculiar arrangements for Northern Ireland. The header "Think again EU! You indispensable 'change course' implicit deal" indicates the steadfast stance of the Brexit-backing newspaper.
image captionThe Financial Times, which led yesterday with the latest UK/EU showdown, says the determination by Brussels to "flatly reject" the UK proposals has "inflamed tensions". It besides says the concern risks souring relations betwixt Boris Johnson and US President Joe Biden.
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