The Papers: 'Lions did us proud' and 'curse strikes again'

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By BBC News

image captionThe Metro sums up the thoughts of a federation arsenic it declares "Lions did america proud" aft England's 3-2 nonaccomplishment connected penalties to Italy successful the Euro 2020 last astatine Wembley. Its main representation shows manager Gareth Southgate consoling a devastated Bukayo Saka aft his punishment miss.
image caption"The eventual agony... penalties heartbreak again," says the Daily Telegraph.
image captionIt was "one past fateful footwear of a ball" that ended England's dream, the Times notes. It describes the last astatine Wembley arsenic having "the cruellest of Hollywood twists". It is present 55 years and counting since England's past trophy win. "After each that clip you would deliberation that decision should go easier to bear," its main sports writer Matt Dickinson says, "but, arsenic a bereft Wembley emptied, this 1 stung."
image caption"Heartbreak" says the one paper. It reports the young England squad fell abbreviated contempt keeper Jordan Pickford's shoot-out heroics. "Maybe adjacent year," it adds hopefully - saying the players present acceptable their sights connected the 2022 World Cup successful Qatar.
image caption"It hurts... but we're truthful arrogant of you" the Daily Express declares. It describes the punishment shoot-out arsenic "nerve-shredding". "Our clip volition come," it adds.
image captionThe England squad were "the pridefulness of the nation" says the Sun arsenic it describes a "penalties curse" arsenic "striking again". The squad volition present anticipation to triumph 56 years of wounded astatine adjacent year's World Cup, the insubstantial adds.
image caption"It each ends successful tears," notes the Daily Mail. It says an estimated UK tv assemblage of 35 cardinal witnessed the Three Lions' defeat. "Penalties - it conscionable had to beryllium penalties," it says.
image caption"Anyone for conkers?" asks the Daily Star. "Football is anserine and truthful are penalties, we decided precocious past night," it says. And its thought for the day? "You've done america proud, lads".
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