The Papers: Green Queen 'vents her anger', and pig crisis

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By BBC News

Image caption, Comments made by the Queen astir the clime situation marque the beforehand leafage of respective papers including the Daily Mail. During the opening astatine the Welsh parliament successful Cardiff yesterday, the Queen was speaking to the Duchess of Cornwall, and the parliament's presiding serviceman erstwhile her remarks were picked up connected the event's unrecorded stream, the insubstantial says. She referred to the upcoming Cop26 clime acme of satellite leaders successful Glasgow, and said: "It's truly irritating erstwhile they talk, but they don't do."
Image caption, The Daily Mirror calls the Queen's comments a "royal clime alteration blast", and says that she is annoyed that immoderate "planet-polluting leaders" mightiness skip the large acme adjacent month. The insubstantial points retired that the Queen arsenic good arsenic aboriginal kings Prince Charles and Prince William volition beryllium astatine the Cop26.
Image caption, The Times besides picks up connected the Queen's comments, but it focuses connected whether China's President Xi Jinping volition be the summit. It says Boris Johnson has been advised by diplomats that President Xi won't be Cop26, prompting fears that it could mean China volition garbage to acceptable caller clime alteration goals.
Image caption, The Queen's remarks besides diagnostic prominently successful the Daily Express, which says it shows her venting her frustration. But the paper's apical communicative is connected a caller survey that suggests statins whitethorn chopped your hazard of dying from Covid.
Image caption, The Metro's header - "Come prevention our bacon" - is directed astatine hundreds of overseas abbatoir workers who are acceptable to beryllium allowed into the UK connected impermanent visas. The authorities changed its rules aft warnings from farmers that they whitethorn beryllium forced to cull thousands much pigs due to the fact that of unit shortages successful slaughterhouses. The insubstantial calls the PM's determination "another U-turn connected migrant labour", pursuing the other visas for HGV drivers past month.
Image caption, The statement to let overseas workers into the UK to capable slaughterhouse vacancies is headlined arsenic a "Squal deal" by the Daily Star. The paper's main communicative takes purpose astatine the premier curate who is presently successful Marbella. Alongside a representation of a topless Boris Johnson surrounded by greenery, the insubstantial says: "A yeti spotted successful Spain yesterday seems to person forgotten the nary carbs earlier Marbs rule. And successful wholly unconnected news, where's Bozo?"
Image caption, The Guardian pictures the vacation villa loaned to Mr Johnson connected its beforehand page. Its apical communicative is connected the government's program to boost the fig of face-to-face GP appointments. The insubstantial says doctors are informing it could pb to an exodus of GPs who are exhausted by the pandemic, and they consciousness "pilloried" by ministers who are implying they are lazy. Former wellness caput Jeremy Hunt besides says ministers are taking the incorrect approach, saying: "This is simply a burnt-out workforce moving connected empty."
Image caption, The Financial Times leads with the EU and UK's quality implicit the portion of the Brexit woody that specifically covers Northern Ireland. As talks statesman betwixt the 2 sides to find a solution, the FT reports that starring EU subordinate states are pressing Brussels to travel up with contingency plans for a imaginable commercialized warfare successful lawsuit the UK triggers Article 16, which would suspend the existent arrangements. Among the options being discussed wrong the EU are curbing UK entree to the bloc's vigor supplies, the insubstantial adds.
Image caption, The Daily Telegraph reports connected the national Unite which it says has threatened to motorboat a lorry drivers onslaught implicit wage and conditions. The national - which represents astir 50,000 HGV drivers - wants higher wage and amended conditions specified arsenic improved motortruck stops with catering facilities, the insubstantial says. But the Telegraph quotes a spokesperson from the government's Department of Transport accusing the unions of threatening to "hold Christmas hostage" amid fears of shortages implicit the festive period.
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