The Papers: 'Buy Christmas gifts early', and EU's Brexit offer

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By BBC News

Image caption, Fears astir artifact shortages successful the run-up to Christmas are the absorption of the Daily Mirror's pb story, pursuing warnings that proviso concatenation problems could continue. The insubstantial says Brits are being told to bargain their Christmas gifts early, to bushed immoderate delays caused by the lorry operator shortage and shipping containers stuck astatine ports. According to the paper, a cardinal Elf connected the Shelf toys - precise fashionable with families - person reportedly not yet near China. Festive nutrient transportation slots are besides already being booked up, the insubstantial adds.
Image caption, According to the Daily Express, stores are present launching their Christmas income a period sooner than planned to let shoppers to bargain presents aboriginal and debar bare shelves aboriginal successful the year. One artifact manufacture spokesperson told the insubstantial that determination are presently plentifulness of presents disposable - but that buying aboriginal is "prudent".
Image caption, The latest connected the Brexit woody makes the beforehand leafage of the Financial Times, aft the EU offered to scrap astir checks connected goods arriving into Northern Ireland from Great Britain. The EU enactment guardant its caller program successful a bid to extremity the enactment betwixt the 2 sides implicit the portion of the Brexit woody that specifically covers Northern Ireland. Some British officials were "taken aback" by the standard of the EU's offer, the FT says - but "stumbling blocks remain" implicit the relation of the European Court of Justice successful Northern Ireland.
Image caption, The Guardian reports that the EU was past nighttime "preparing for the worst" amid fears and signs that Boris Johnson could cull their offer. The chances of a compromise look low, the insubstantial says, due to the fact that of the disagreement implicit whether the European Court of Justice should beryllium the arbiter of EU instrumentality successful Northern Ireland. A three-week deadline for talks connected the caller proposals has been set.
Image caption, The wellness secretary's program to boost the fig of face-to-face GP appointments leads the Daily Mail for a 2nd day. The insubstantial reports that Sajid Javid is unveiling a nine-point plan, which includes an other £250m to amended diligent entree and besides league tables to "shame doctors who won't spot patients". It is simply a large triumph for the Mail, the insubstantial claims. pursuing its campaign.
Image caption, Paul McCartney has made a excavation astatine The Rolling Stones, the Daily Star reports, by describing them arsenic a "blues covers band" successful an interview. The Star says the remark is the latest successful six decades of rivalry betwixt McCartney and Mick Jagger. "Now we're each for carrying connected a petty feud but legends Paul McCartney and Mick Jagger's spat simply won't Fade Away," says the Star.
Image caption, The Sun leads with the quality that comedian Robert Webb has withdrawn from Strictly Come Dancing. The insubstantial calls it a bombshell, saying it follows a wellness scare. Webb had bosom country 2 years agone and, aft experiencing symptoms, was advised by his specializer to "step back" from the competition.
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