'Succession' star Brian Cox: 'You can't underestimate Logan in any shape or form'

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Brian Cox successful  an occurrence  of HBO's "Succession," which returns for a 3rd  play   connected  Sunday.

By Sandra Gonzalez, CNN

Updated 1400 GMT (2200 HKT) October 17, 2021

(CNN)We're toward the extremity of our interrogation clip erstwhile histrion Brian Cox, successful describing his character's fewer but beardown loyalties connected HBO's "Succession," raises his dependable to the level astir radical lone perceive done the television.

He says those relationships -- specified arsenic the 1 with ineligible counsel Gerri Kellman (J. Smith-Cameron) -- amusement that Logan is much than "all the bombast."

"Of course, I outcry each present and again. And the REASON I SHOUT," helium says, straining my machine speakers, "is to support the audience, aftermath them up, and aftermath the different histrion up."

He laughs.

"It's portion of his technique," helium says, giving maine different high-decibel example. "It's each portion of his small show."

I gag that actors' on-screen personas often travel them off-screen successful the public's perception. But he's unbothered by that.

"I scare radical each the time, but I person done adjacent earlier Logan Roy truthful it's thing antithetic to me," helium says. "It's a benignant of hazard that I woody with each the time."

As helium sits there, turning 1 of TV's astir feared figures disconnected and connected similar a switch, the acclaim and the awards marque adjacent much consciousness than they did conscionable minutes before: There's nary quality connected tv rather similar Logan Roy and there's nary histrion who could play him rather similar Brian Cox.

Season 3

The 3rd play of "Succession," which follows the Roys, a media household inspired by real-life header makers similar the Murdochs, continues the thread of past play -- with Logan Roy's lad attempting to pin amerciable happenings successful the institution connected his father.

The move, arsenic 1 mightiness imagine, throws the already delicate household equilibrium erstwhile again into a tailspin. The question looming is does Kendall person what it takes to uncrown the king of Waystar Royco.

"If Kendall truly does stitchery immoderate values, which are extracurricular of the domain of Waystar Royco, past I deliberation that's his salvation," Cox says. "And it's going to beryllium absorbing to spot if helium volition get those values due to the fact that he's truthful locked into that ambition and the household dynamic, but it needs idiosyncratic to interruption it. And unluckily it has to beryllium 1 of the children. Logan's not going to interruption it due to the fact that it suits Logan to person this situation."

Jeremy Strong and Brian Cox.

For each the family's drama, though, Cox believes Logan does emotion his children.

"They mean a batch to him. Unfortunately, they're consistently disappointing, which I understand," helium says. "I mean, immoderate genitor is some successful emotion with their child, but there's besides expecting sometimes excessively overmuch of them. You know, we're each blameworthy of that. We tin enactment unspeakable unit connected our children successful bid to validate themselves, you know?"

One things viewers won't spot this play is the Covid-19 pandemic. The determination not to code it was made by showrunner Jesse Armstrong, and Cox sees it arsenic the close telephone "because we couldn't go hostages to Covid."

"Otherwise, it would person been a antithetic show," helium says.

The dysfunctional Roys

The pandemic has, however, "made definite things very, precise clear, peculiarly the presumption of the rich," arsenic Cox sees it.

"Eleven minutes up successful space. Give maine a break. What does that mean?" helium says. "You know, Richard Branson, 'More spaceships' and you go, 'No, no, no, we don't request much spaceships. We request to instrumentality attraction of our world. We request to truly look aft our satellite and what our satellite is and what's going on.'"

The disparity betwixt the affluent and the existent satellite connected truthful galore cardinal levels is wherefore helium thinks the amusement continues to person truthful overmuch intrigue astir it.

Brian Cox and Sarah Snook successful  a country   from Season 3.

"The amusement hits each that due to the fact that the dysfunctional Roys are a benignant of reflection of the dysfunctional elements successful wealthiness successful the world," helium says.

Logan's idiosyncratic dysfunction -- whether he's is screaming astatine idiosyncratic oregon making immoderate underlings play "Boar connected the Floor" -- is what Cox says helium enjoys astir astir the role.

"You can't underestimate Logan successful immoderate signifier oregon signifier due to the fact that he's an bonzer animal," helium says. "Logan, you know, determination ain't precise galore characters similar him successful drama. We haven't seen them. Because he's relentless. He doesn't look to instrumentality immoderate prisoners. That's the joyousness of playing him."

All things, of course, volition 1 time travel to an end, and Cox says it's his anticipation that Logan is astir to spot it.

"I don't privation to beryllium a killed disconnected earlier the extremity of the show. I don't privation to beryllium killed disconnected astatine all," helium says. "I conscionable privation to vanish down a agelong corridor astatine the extremity and go, 'Bye. I'm off.'"

Well, Logan would astir apt accidental thing else. But it, too, would extremity with "off."

    "Succession" begins its 3rd play Oct. 17 astatine 9 p.m. ET connected HBO, which, similar CNN, is simply a portion of WarnerMedia.

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