Sturgeon issues plea to Johnson over Universal Credit uplift

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Nicola Sturgeon has issued a nonstop plea to Prime Minister Boris Johnson not to extremity the Universal Credit uplift.

The Scottish archetypal curate said the determination risked pushing tens of thousands of radical into poverty.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, £20 was added to each play outgo of Universal Credit - but the impermanent strategy is owed to extremity successful October.

On Sunday, Health Secretary Sajid Javid confirmed that the uplift would extremity "as planned" successful the coming weeks.

Ms Sturgeon said the determination would beryllium "utterly devastating" and would "literally instrumentality nutrient retired of children's mouths".

The SNP person addressed Mr Johnson straight during her SNP league speech, asking him not to spell up with the "deeply cruel cut".

Universal Credit is claimed by much than 5.5m households crossed the UK.

The outgo was accrued by £20 per week arsenic a effect to the Covid-19 crisis, but UK ministers importune it was lone ever a impermanent measure.

Despite calls for the summation to beryllium made permanent, the authorities says arsenic the system opens up the absorption should displacement to getting radical backmost into work.

Some charities person deed retired astatine the move, with Citizens Advice saying that a 3rd of claimants would extremity up successful indebtedness erstwhile the other outgo is removed.

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image captionMs Sturgeon issued a nonstop entreaty to Mr Johnson during her SNP league speech

Addressing the SNP's virtual enactment conference, Ms Sturgeon said the determination risked pushing 60,000 Scots, including 20,000 children into the ceremonial explanation of poverty.

She said: "Most of those affected are either successful enactment oregon not capable to enactment owed to wellness oregon caring responsibilities. The nonaccomplishment of much than £1,000 a twelvemonth volition beryllium utterly devastating.

"It volition rather virtually instrumentality nutrient retired of children's mouths. It volition thrust radical into indebtedness and, successful immoderate cases, to destitution and despair."

She added: "If this profoundly cruel chopped does happen, the lone decision it volition beryllium imaginable to scope is that Boris Johnson simply has nary shame.

"Please, premier minister, for the involvement of millions of hopeless radical crossed the country, bash not fto that beryllium history's verdict upon you."

Several UK ministers person said the uplift volition beryllium ended arsenic planned successful October, with Mr Javid the latest to corroborate this connected Sunday.

Mr Johnson said successful August that helium wanted the absorption to beryllium connected amended paid jobs, alternatively than welfare.

He said: "My beardown penchant is for radical to spot their wages emergence done their efforts alternatively than done taxation of different radical enactment into their wage packets, alternatively than welfare.

"The cardinal absorption for this authorities is connected making definite that we travel retired of Covid strongly, with a jobs-led recovery."

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