Stuart's witty trick that rescued plummeting Raiders

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Veteran Raiders hooker Josh Hodgson has revealed a instrumentality Ricky Stuart pulled during the week successful an effort to rescue his squad from its disfigured spot of form.

A hopeless Canberra outfit contiguous took a formation to Sydney and held connected valiantly against a fast-finishing Manly side, locking up conscionable their sixth triumph of the play to ascent to ninth connected the ladder.

The important triumph followed past week's catastrophe astatine the hands of the Titans, which saw Gold Coast steamroll Canberra 44-6 successful the capital.

Hodgson said Stuart responded by canning the team's video reappraisal session, which would person intelligibly made for a grim mates of hours, and alternatively went astir lifting the spirits of his troops.

"I thought this week was honestly his champion week of the year," Hodgson said of Stuart connected Nine's post-match sum of the Raiders' win.

"We didn't adjacent ticker the footage of the crippled (against the Titans) due to the fact that we each knew it was embarrassing and we each conscionable got told to ticker it connected our own.

"We conscionable spoke astir bringing the energy, we had a abbreviated turnaround, helium conscionable wanted to bring the amusive backmost to the radical and make immoderate vigor from inside.

"We knew determination were going to beryllium nary fans contiguous and we had to make our ain vigor and our ain atmosphere. I thought we did a large occupation of each that earlier successful the week and it showed tonight."

Canberra manager Ricky Stuart. (Getty)

Rugby league legends Andrew Johns and Peter Sterling were among the galore experts who had dashed the Raiders' premierships aspirations up of their triumph implicit the Sea Eagles.

Canberra person taken an bonzer plummet this season, going from expansive finallists and preliminary finallists successful 2019 and 2020 to the perilous presumption they're successful aft 17 rounds.

But contempt the Raiders' horrible season, and the Sea Eagles' nonaccomplishment of cardinal cogs Tom Trbojevic and Daly Cherry-Evans owed to State of Origin III, Johns believes tonight's triumph reignited their finals hopes.

"Definitely, I deliberation they tin (make the finals now) for sure. And the players successful rep campy - I person nary uncertainty they'd person been watching and would beryllium arrogant of their efforts," Johns said.

"The young players they've brought successful - (19-year-old fullback) Xavier Savage. He didn't get galore opportunities but helium proved contiguous he's a pugnacious young fella, he's a subordinate of the future.

"They conscionable ripped in, they simplified, they got retired determination and played for each other, built pressure, conscionable simplified it close down, did the basics amended than Manly and they wanted it more.

"This tin truly assistance them. I deliberation they'll spell on, I deliberation they'll marque the eight, the Raiders. After past week's show I thought, 'Well, they're gone'. But they turned it around."

Man mountain's rampage ruins Sea Eagles' comeback hopes

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