Street Cat Bob: Statue unveiled to animal that inspired books and films

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image captionJames Bowen wrote six books astir his favored Bob who helium chanced upon portion battling cause addiction

A statue dedicated to the stray feline who inspired the movie and publication A Street Cat Named Bob, has been unveiled.

The life-size bronze sculpture of Bob was unveiled successful Islington Green, northbound London, connected Thursday.

James Bowen was stateless erstwhile met Bob successful 2007 during his conflict with cause addiction. He recovered the feline abandoned and injured and looked aft him.

Mr Bowen yet wrote a best-selling publication astir their narration which was made into a movie successful 2016.

image captionMr Bowen said helium hops the statue reminds passers-by that "everyone deserves a 2nd accidental and that no-one is alone"
image captionMr Bowen credits his scarf-wearing companion with aiding his ain recovery.

At the unveiling Mr Bowen said: "I americium truthful incredibly arrogant of Bob and grateful for the clip we shared.

"He enriched my beingness from the infinitesimal I met him. He saved maine and helium touched the lives of millions, providing optimism to radical crossed the world.

"My anticipation is that erstwhile radical sojourn Bob's statue, oregon arsenic they simply walk by, that they volition instrumentality a infinitesimal to retrieve that everyone deserves a 2nd accidental and that no-one is alone."

While homeless, Mr Bowen began taking the ginger feline with him erstwhile busking oregon selling The Big Issue successful London.

image copyrightTanya Russell

image captionCreated by sculptor Tanya Russell, the beingness size statue of Bob is positioned successful Islington Green

A Street Cat Named Bob: And How He Saved My Life was published successful 2012, and determination person since been 5 further books released successful much than 40 antithetic languages.

Mr Bowen credits his scarf-wearing companion with aiding his ain recovery.

The statue overlooks the Islington Waterstones bookstore, wherever James wrote his archetypal publication recounting their travel together.

A 2nd film, A Gift from Bob, which besides features the eponymous feline, was released posthumously successful 2020.

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