Southern Water boss's £500k bonus criticised by MP

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image captionIan McAulay requested a two-year wage frost and a reduced bonus but inactive received much than £1m successful total

An MP has labelled a £550,900 bonus for the main enforcement of Southern Water "ridiculous" aft the steadfast was fined for dumping earthy sewage into the sea.

With his basal salary, pension and different benefits, Ian McAulay's full remuneration was much than £1m.

A institution spokesperson said helium was "the lowest paid of h2o inferior bosses".

Ashford MP Damian Green said helium was precise "angry" and added: "Getting a bonus erstwhile your institution is being fined £90m is ridiculous."

The wage figures, published successful Southern Water's Annual Report, travel arsenic the steadfast was fined £90m for deliberately dumping billions of litres of sewage.

Labour campaigner Charlotte Cornell said: "Huge bonuses similar this conscionable don't beryllium successful water.

"Water should beryllium a publicly-owned amenity, I bash not judge drinking h2o oregon discarded h2o should beryllium provided by backstage companies."

Southern Water said determination had been "profound changes" since Mr McAulay became CEO successful 2017 and began "driving the translation successful people, processes and systems".

The steadfast besides added the main enforcement was nether a two-year wage frost and bonus reduction, pursuing his ain request.

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image captionSouthern Water said it monitors 98% of wastewater outfalls, truthful knows amended than immoderate different institution erstwhile thing goes wrong

Southern Water present claims to beryllium "the astir transparent company" successful the assemblage for self-reporting discharge incidents to regulators, and its standing has improved from 1 prima to two, retired of four.

However, it was the second-worst performing institution for contamination incidents successful 2020, with astir 400% much incidents than Anglian.

During tribunal proceedings earlier this month, the institution admitted 6,971 amerciable spills from 17 sites successful Hampshire, Kent and West Sussex betwixt 2010 and 2015.

The steadfast said it was "spending heavy to amended biology performance", has appointed a caller manager of situation and plans to trim contamination incidents to zero by 2030.

Sebastiaan Boelen, Southern's main fiscal officer, was besides awarded a bonus of £290,000 and a full wage packet of £650,000.

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