Sir David Amess: Southend city bid would be a 'fitting tribute' to MP

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Image caption, Sir David Amess championed the bid to marque Southend a city

Making Southend a metropolis would beryllium the "perfect tribute" to the representation of Sir David Amess, colleagues said.

Sir David, who represented the Southend West constituency, was stabbed arsenic helium held a regular Friday gathering with constituents successful Leigh-on-Sea.

He had championed Southend's bid for metropolis presumption arsenic portion of The Queen's Platinum Jubilee celebrations successful 2022.

"If determination is immoderate justice, past Southend volition beryllium successful," helium said past month.

Image caption, Among the galore floral tributes to Sir David - a motion to his biggest passion

"I deliberation it would beryllium a precise fitting tribute to Sir David, peculiarly arsenic it was thing helium had campaigned for, for a agelong time," Conservative councillor for Southend Borough Council James Courtenay said:

"I fishy section politicians from crossed the governmental disagreement volition actively enactment it.

"I wouldn't beryllium amazed if a fig of his Westminster colleagues were to bash truthful arsenic well, fixed that each clip - good it felt similar it anyhow - helium stood up successful Parliament, helium would inquire if Southend could beryllium made a city."

Liberal Democrat Carole Mulroney, assembly subordinate for tourism and culture, told the BBC: "Sir David was a figurehead, helium was incredibly passionate astir it.

"Southend welcomes millions of radical each year, it has a truly palmy arts festival and a immense wealthiness of talent. You sanction it - there's a nine for it."

She said Sir David's sidesplitting was "a existent tragedy", describing him arsenic a "jolly chap, precise witty, supra each a constituency MP who reached retired to an tremendous magnitude of people."

Sir David said astatine the clip of the bid launch: "Southend is unsocial and metropolis presumption would supply agelong overdue designation of what we person to offer.

"The longest pleasance pier successful the world, a immense wealthiness of section endowment successful the arts and civilization industries and a centre of acquisition excellence, are conscionable a fewer of the things that marque Southend special."

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Image caption, Southend is simply a tourer hotspot and has a thriving originative arts scene

Southend Borough Council is presently led by a conjugation of Labour, Liberal Democrat and Independent councillors - portion the Conservatives person the astir councillors.

It became a unitary authorization successful 1998 and has a population of much than 183,000.

Chelmsford became Essex's archetypal metropolis successful 2012 arsenic portion of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

Just an hr up the A12, Colchester - erstwhile the superior of Roman Britain - has conscionable submitted its bid to go a city astatine the 4th attempt, arsenic has Milton Keynes.

Applications adjacent connected December 8.

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