Sir David Amess: Priest tried to give Last Rites to dying MP

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Image caption, Father Jeff Woolnough asked to administer Last Rites to Sir David Amess

A Catholic clergyman has told however helium tried to administer Last Rites to his person Sir David Amess.

Fr Jeffrey Woolnough said helium rushed to Belfairs Methodist Church connected Friday erstwhile helium heard the MP - a devout Catholic - had been stabbed.

He said helium asked a constabulary serviceman if helium could present the sacrament but was incapable to participate the transgression scene.

Instead, helium prayed the rosary extracurricular the constabulary cordon with a chap parishioner.

Fr Woolnough is the parish clergyman astatine St. Peter's Catholic Church, Eastwood, Southend, adjacent to wherever Sir David was killed.

"A Catholic erstwhile they're dying would privation a clergyman there, and for reasons that lone the constabulary know, I was not allowed in," helium told the PA quality agency.

"I got my clerics on, and got the beatified oils, benignant of expecting that I mightiness beryllium allowed connected the transgression country to administer the lipid of the sick," helium said.

"I didn't cognize astatine that clip what benignant of information helium was in," Fr Woolnough said. "It was a just-in-case matter."

He said it was important to respect the police's determination and that the serviceman helium approached had radioed colleagues wrong the religion to relay his request.

"It would've been a large happening to bash if I'd person had the chance, but it wasn't to be," helium added.

Image caption, Richard Hillgrove, pictured with his girl Lola, 11, spoke to Sir David Amess moments earlier his death

A constituent who saw Sir David Amess minutes earlier his execution has besides spoken of his disbelief.

Richard Hillgrove said the MP had been "in good form" during a Zoom gathering earlier his play constituency country successful Leigh-on-Sea.

He told the BBC his video telephone had overrun until 12:02 GMT, 3 minutes earlier the onslaught took place.

"It is conscionable senseless, shocking," helium said.

Mr Hillgrove said Sir David had championed the Children's Parliament, a task that partners youngsters with sitting MPs, and his daughter, Lola, 11, was matched with Sir David.

"It was thing that was truthful important to him, helium said erstwhile helium was the aforesaid property astatine his schoolhouse they had mock parliaments, and helium acceptable up his ain governmental party," helium said.

"He had been successful specified good form, talking astir gathering adjacent week up successful Westminster - we were going to get a representation with Sir Lindsay Hoyle. He said 'leave it with me'.

"He's 1 of the large ones, helium made consciousness of a brainsick world."

Mr Hillgrove, who attended a peculiar religion work astatine St Alban the Martyr religion successful Westcliff-on-Sea connected Sunday, said his person had a beardown religion and that prayers would beryllium said astatine services crossed the borough.

"This is uniting everyone," helium said. "He stood for democracy, helium was a libertarian and a Christian."

Image caption, Cllr John Lamb said the Conservative bureau astatine Iveagh hallway would stay unfastened to connection support

Cllr John Lamb, president of Southend West constituency, said helium had offered enactment to Sir David's household and to 2 parliamentary assistants who witnessed the onslaught connected Friday.

"They are precise distressed," helium said, "but they are coping rather well. It volition deed location later.

"[Sir David] loved canvassing, and his existent enactment done the country wherever helium could spell out, conscionable people, perceive to their problems and effort and assistance them," helium said.

"All the antithetic events successful Southend, helium would beryllium there, supporting young and old, immoderate religion.

"He was precise overmuch a assemblage politician."

He said the Conservative bureau volition enactment unfastened to connection enactment to immoderate constituent who needs it.

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