Sir David Amess: Prevent scheme needs urgent work, says Robert Buckland

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By Francesca Gillett
BBC News

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Image caption, People person been leaving tributes successful Leigh-on-Sea successful representation of Sir David Amess

The government's Prevent strategy - which aims to halt radical becoming terrorists oregon supporting them - needs urgent work, the erstwhile justness caput has said.

Robert Buckland said determination needs to beryllium much of a "joined up" attack to show individuals.

It has emerged that the antheral suspected of sidesplitting Sir David Amess had been referred to Prevent immoderate years ago.

The strategy is already being reviewed to guarantee it is "fit for purpose", Home Secretary Priti Patel said.

The Prevent scheme is portion of the government's wide counter-terrorism strategy. It aims to trim the panic menace to the UK by stopping radical from being drawn into terrorism.

In the twelvemonth to March 2020, conscionable implicit 6,000 radical were referred to the Prevent strategy successful England and Wales, due to the fact that of concerns they were astatine hazard of radicalisation.

Once idiosyncratic is referred to the scheme, an appraisal is made astir whether further enactment is needed.

In immoderate cases - astir 11% of referrals - the idiosyncratic is placed connected the government's Channel strategy for enactment specified arsenic mentoring. The astir communal referrals to Channel were for right-wing radicalisation (43%), followed by Islamist radicalisation (30%), successful the twelvemonth to March 2020.

Engagement successful the Prevent strategy is voluntary and it is not a transgression sanction.

The BBC understands that Ali Harbi Ali, the antheral arrested by constabulary pursuing the execution of MP Sir David connected Friday, had been referred to Prevent immoderate years ago.

However, it is thought Mr Ali, 25, did not walk agelong successful the Prevent programme, and helium was ne'er a ceremonial taxable of involvement to MI5.

Speaking to Times Radio connected Sunday, Mr Buckland - who was the government's justness caput until September - said helium thought determination needed to beryllium much practice betwixt agencies.

"I precise overmuch anticipation that erstwhile it comes to assemblage supervision and assemblage engagement with radical similar this peculiar individual, that it is overmuch much joined-up betwixt wellness services, education, immoderate it mightiness be, who person had immoderate engagement with that idiosyncratic successful the past," helium said.

"And I deliberation that that constituent of being joined-up is what we truly request to enactment connected urgently."

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Image caption, Robert Buckland was justness caput until helium was replaced past month

Asked however agencies mightiness enactment much closely, Mr Buckland said: "There whitethorn beryllium records oregon accusation from schools oregon colleges oregon from the wellness work which tin archer america overmuch much astir individuals and their activities.

"I deliberation we request to articulation this up overmuch much efficaciously due to the fact that what we're talking astir present is assemblage prevention.

"We've got to marque definite that each limb of the authorities is perfectly moving unneurotic successful bid to recognize arsenic overmuch arsenic imaginable astir these individuals."

Earlier, Home Secretary Ms Patel said that Prevent was being independently reviewed "right now".

The autarkic reappraisal began earlier this year and is being led by William Shawcross, the erstwhile caput of the foundation watchdog the Charity Commission.

"It's timely to bash that, we person to learn, we evidently perpetually person to learn, not conscionable from incidences that person taken spot but however we tin fortify our programmes."

She added: "We privation to guarantee that it is acceptable for purpose, robust, doing the close thing. But importantly learning lessons, ever gathering upon what is moving and addressing immoderate gaps oregon issues wherever the strategy needs strengthening."

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