Scottish politician reported over 'rot in hell' tweet

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image captionJames Dornan has been reported to the Standards Commission for Scotland

A station from the Twitter relationship of an SNP MSP which suggested Jacob Rees-Mogg volition "undoubtedly rot successful hell" has been reported to the Standards Commission for Scotland.

James Dornan, who represents Glasgow Cathcart, was reportedly replying to the Conservative MP's station astir the Nationality and Borders Bill.

Mr Dornan's relationship tin present lone beryllium seen by those pursuing him.

The SNP said: "It is indispensable specified callous policies are called out."

Mr Rees-Mogg had quote-tweeted a video from the Commons Leader account, adding: "The bands of blighters bringing amerciable entrants to Blighty volition beryllium breached up by this superb borders bill."

image captionJacob Rees-Mogg had talked astir "bands of blighters bringing amerciable entrants to Blighty"

The reply from Mr Dornan's relationship read: "Hope you retrieve this the adjacent clip you spell to confession.

"You and your cronies are already liable for the deaths of thousands and you're present blessed to spot the astir hopeless radical successful the satellite endure and drown.

"If your deity exists you volition undoubtedly rot successful hell."

Mr Dornan's relationship has since been protected, meaning lone the radical pursuing him tin spot immoderate posts made.

'Poisonous and beyond the pale'

Scottish Conservative main whip Stephen Kerr MSP criticised his Holyrood workfellow and called for an contiguous apology.

Mr Kerr said: "These comments from James Dornan were poisonous and beyond the pale.

"He is good known for his outbursts connected Twitter but this vitriol simply has nary spot successful respectful governmental debate.

"This gaffe-prone MSP has erstwhile again shown his nasty broadside and shamefully brought religion into his choler astatine a chap elected representative."

He added: "It is wide that helium wasn't funny successful adhering to the MSPs' Code of Conduct erstwhile posting this reply, which is wherefore this station has present been reported to the Standards Commissioner.

"James Dornan indispensable urgently apologise for this wholly unacceptable and abusive behaviour immediately."

'Immigration regime'

An SNP spokesperson said: "The Scottish Tories' desperation to walk judgement connected a tweet portion utterly failing to condemn the migration authorities of their bosses successful the Westminster authorities speaks volumes.

"While immoderate radical look determined to beryllium offended careless of what SNP politicians say, determination are less things much violative than a argumentation which threatens to jailhouse hopeless refugees for the transgression of trying to prevention their ain lives - and the lives of their babe children - and it is indispensable specified callous policies are called out."

The Standards Commission for Scotland has been contacted for comment.

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