Scottish mesh patients can have corrective surgery in US and England

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image captionThe synthetic implants are precise hard to region aft they person been fitted

Women who necessitate the surgical removal of mesh implants volition beryllium capable to person escaped attraction from specialists successful America and England.

The Scottish authorities announced it had awarded contracts to Spire Health Care successful Bristol and the Mercy Hospital successful Missouri.

Surgery and question costs to either session volition beryllium covered.

Implant usage was stopped successful Scotland aft hundreds of women were near with painful, life-changing broadside effects.

The outgo of each process is estimated to beryllium £16,000 to £23,000.

Last period the authorities announced that women who person already paid to person mesh removed privately would beryllium reimbursed nether the Transvaginal Mesh Removal (Cost Reimbursement) (Scotland) Bill.

Women who person travelled overseas oregon to different parts of the UK to person backstage country are eligible to apply.

What are mesh implants?

image captionThe mesh is made of polypropylene, a benignant of plastic
  • The mesh, usually made from synthetic polypropylene, is intended to repair damaged oregon weakened tissue
  • Over 20 years, much than 100,000 women crossed the UK had transvaginal mesh implants, which are utilized to dainty pelvic organ prolapse (POP) and accent urinary incontinence (SUI), often aft childbirth
  • While the immense bulk endure nary broadside effects, the usage of mesh successful Scotland was suspended but successful "exceptional circumstances" successful 2014 aft it emerged some women suffered achy broadside effects
  • Use of the process was halted successful 2018
  • Once the mesh is implanted, it is precise hard to remove

'Pain and suffering'

Mesh implants person been utilized to dainty conditions immoderate women endure aft childbirth, specified arsenic incontinence and prolapse.

Women who complained astir broadside effects from the process antecedently told the BBC they often had their concerns dismissed arsenic being "women's problems".

The contracts awarded for aboriginal removal surgeries extracurricular Scotland are expected to commencement aboriginal this summer.

Health Secretary Humza Yousaf said: "While mesh removal country is disposable wrong Scotland connected the NHS, these are alternate options for those who consciousness incapable to beryllium treated successful Scotland.

"We recognise the symptom and suffering of women who person been impacted by complications arsenic a effect of transvaginal mesh implants.

"That is wherefore we are perfectly determined to guarantee those with mesh complications get the attraction that they privation and need."

Last twelvemonth the authorities launched a £1.3m nationalist removal work based successful NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, which it said it is continuing to develop.

However it added immoderate pistillate who expresses a penchant to beryllium treated extracurricular Scotland tin petition a referral to 1 of the NHS England specializer centres.

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