Scottish climate expert Jim Skea warns 'clock is ticking'

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Image caption, Prof Jim Skea is simply a subordinate of the Intergovernmental Panel connected Climate Change (IPCC)

Scottish clime alteration adept Jim Skea has called connected satellite leaders to "step up to the plate" astatine the COP26 acme successful Glasgow astatine the extremity of the month.

Prof Skea, a subordinate of the United Nations clime assemblage the IPCC, said the scientists had spoken intelligibly and clip was moving retired for governments to act.

He said "the timepiece is ticking" and c emissions needed to travel down.

The clime adept said the Glasgow acme was the clip for politicians to present connected their promises.

Prof Skea, who was calved successful Dundee and went to Edinburgh University, is simply a subordinate of the bureau of the Intergovernmental Panel connected Climate Change (IPCC) and the UK government's Committee connected Climate Change.

He was besides seat of the Scottish government's Just Transition Commission, which looked astatine however to reasonably negociate the determination to greener ways of living.

Prof Skea told BBC Scotland's Glenn Campbell, connected the podcast No Hot Air, that the existent pledges to chopped greenhouse state emissions were not compatible with the goals of keeping planetary heating to "well beneath 2C", ne'er caput the much ambitious people of 1.5C.

Those aims were agreed astatine the landmark COP acme successful Paris successful 2015.

To support adjacent to that mark, emissions of warming gases request to driblet by fractional by 2030, and fundamentally deed zero successful 2050.

Prof Skea said Glasgow was the astir important acme since Paris.

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Image caption, The acme is based astatine the SEC field successful Glasgow

"It is the commencement of a stock-taking process," helium said. "Have we delivered connected the Paris ambitions oregon not?

"There is nary anticipation that different statement is going to look successful Glasgow, it is overmuch much astir implementing and putting successful spot what the Paris statement really said."

"It is getting countries to present connected the promises."

He said Paris was astir getting countries to marque pledges but they needed to improved to align with the wide planetary agreement.

"If we proceed emitting arsenic we are astatine the moment, the Paris goals volition spell beyond reach, that's undoubted," Prof Skea said.

He told the podcast reducing emissions meant burning less fossil fuels and being much vigor efficient.

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Campaigners specified arsenic Greenpeace person precocious challenged the UK authorities to enactment a halt to caller lipid tract developments, with the Cambo tract westbound of Shetland sparking astir debate.

The UK authorities wants to trim the usage of fossil fuels, but says determination is inactive "ongoing demand" for lipid and gas.

It says we request to modulation "as accelerated arsenic we reasonably can" to renewable vigor sources.

Prof Skea said helium had to beryllium cautious arsenic an IPCC authoritative not to remark connected the policies of idiosyncratic governments.

However, helium pointed to the International Energy Agency which has produced a acceptable of scenarios of actions required to support planetary warming to the 1.5C target.

"In that script determination is nary further improvement of lipid fields globally astatine all," helium said.

"If you were to prosecute the overmuch much flexible 'well beneath 2C' look determination astir apt would beryllium abstraction for caller lipid fields but nevertheless a batch of the lipid fields that person been proved up would inactive request to enactment successful the crushed globally," helium said.

This raises the tricky contented of who gets to extract their lipid and who does not?

Another arguable vigor root is nuclear.

It is debased connected c emissions but produces radioactive discarded and the hazard of leaks of radiation.

Prof Skea said antithetic countries took precise antithetic views connected atomic power, with overmuch of Europe rejecting it but China investing heavily.

"Certainly successful those countries that take nuclear, if it replaces ember it volition assistance with clime change," helium said.

Listen to much connected the BBC Scotland podcast No Hot Air. Glenn Campbell guides you done everything you request to cognize astir the COP26 clime league successful Glasgow.

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