Scotland's hot weather spikes water demand by 200 million litres a day

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image captionFilling a paddling excavation tin instrumentality 5,000 litres of water

People watering plants and filling paddling pools pushed the request for h2o by 200 cardinal litres a time past week, Scottish Water has said.

Kes Juskowiak, operations wide manager astatine Scottish Water, told BBC Scotland the blistery upwind had caused request to soar crossed the country.

Increased tourer numbers this twelvemonth is besides contributing to the problem.

Mr Juskowiak said the institution had "struggled" to conscionable request successful places, with tankers utilized to guarantee the supply.

Temperatures reached 28.2C connected Saturday astatine Threave successful Dumfries and Galloway, according to BBC Scotland Weather.

The blistery upwind is besides acceptable to proceed for the adjacent fewer days, with the accidental that adjacent higher temperatures could beryllium recorded by the extremity of the week.

Mr Juskowiak said: "Last week, with the large upwind into Tuesday and Wednesday, we've seen request rising crossed the state - astir apt up to an other 100 cardinal litres connected each time connected Tuesday and Wednesday. From Thursday onwards, that took a important leap up to 200 million.

"It's not isolated to definite parts of the country, it's broadly everywhere. But successful immoderate of our much more agrarian blistery spots, we truly struggled to conscionable the customers' request during that clip and needed to instrumentality further measures to guarantee radical person harmless drinking h2o astatine each times."

'Blocking up roads'

He told BBC Radio's Good Morning Scotland programme that determination were peculiar proviso issues successful the East Neuk of Fife, Orkney, parts of Argyll and Bute and Moray.

Mr Juskowiak said request was precocious successful galore "tourist hotspots", but added that Scottish Water had been readying for this year's "staycation challenge" for a agelong time.

Many radical are choosing to spell connected vacation successful the UK this summertime alternatively than question overseas due to the fact that of the Covid pandemic.

"Scottish Water's enactment successful a batch plans to marque definite that we tin enactment the tourism industry," Mr Juskowiak said.

"We tin support up, but what it means is there's a batch of tankers connected the road. It means a batch of disruption for section communities and it means blocking up roads."

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image captionThe blistery upwind successful Scotland is acceptable to proceed for the adjacent fewer days

Mr Juskowiak added that portion tourism was an issue, astir of the request came from plot usage and pleaded with radical to "use h2o wisely".

"If you request to h2o your plants, delight usage a watering tin alternatively than a hose. A hose uses 1,000 litres of h2o an hr - that's the equivalent of 5 families' mean usage successful a day," helium said.

"Paddling pools tin usage up to 5,000 litres of water, that's person to 50 families' mean h2o use."

BBC Scotland Weather forecaster Gillian Smart said the existent UK heatwave was down to a ample precocious unit centre - the "Azores high" - moving southbound of the country, starring to precocious temperatures.

"At this signifier it looks similar we've got tomorrow, Thursday and Friday arsenic precise akin days of precocious pressure, precise precocious temperatures - astir 25C to 27C successful the hottest spots," she said.

The upwind is owed to crook cooler and cloudier this weekend.

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