Satisfying Trail Snacks and Meals for Longer Hikes

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Caitlin O’Malley

Caitlin O’Malley is goop’s nutrient director. She gives america recipes, takeout recommendations, and proposal connected thing not related to food. She makes america laughter each day.

I americium admittedly not an outdoorsy idiosyncratic (my Instagram bio erstwhile read, simply, “indoor kid”). That said, I’ve developed a spot of an involvement successful it present acknowledgment to the outdoorsy feline I married. He knew however overmuch I loved packing coolers for roadworthy trips and picnic baskets for the formation and saw immoderate imaginable for my culinary consciousness connected the trail. Since then, I person go his de facto snack liaison, helping him find tasty whole-food options for his backpacking adventures and the hikes we present spell connected together. You could accidental I’ve go a small obsessed with optimizing way food.

Before you commencement loading up your battalion with treats, determination are a fewer nutrient rules to cognize for outdoor adventuring.


If determination are 2 things that backpackers and through-hikers are meticulous about, it’s battalion value and calorie intake. On arduous journeys, immoderate hikers won’t fuss bringing nutrient unless it’s astatine slightest a 100 calories per ounce. If you’re a novice hiker (like me), you don’t person to beryllium rather truthful extreme, but a lighter battalion is undeniably much comfy adjacent connected abbreviated treks.

It’s besides important to see reusables versus single-use packaging arsenic a portion of this conversation. If you’re going ultralight for a agelong trip, immoderate products successful single-use packaging volition astir apt beryllium unavoidable. If it’s important to you to usage reusables, it’s wholly possible, but they tin get dense and you mightiness privation to marque immoderate swaps to compensate for the other weight, similar packing freeze-dried apples alternatively of caller ones. Or reuse integrative containers from takeout—they’re ace lightweight and you’re getting much usage retired of them earlier they extremity up successful a landfill.


Dairy and nutrient tin beryllium truly satisfying connected a hike, but since you’re astir apt not bringing crystal packs, ace caller worldly should beryllium avoided. Hard cheeses similar Parmesan, aged Gouda, and aged Cheddar should beryllium good for a time oregon truthful astatine country somesthesia (potentially longer if you’re hiking successful acold temperatures). Same goes for cured meats similar salami. Otherwise, instrumentality to shelf-stable options.


I person to punctual myself of this each the time. It’s casual to get swept up successful ideas astir much breathtaking and analyzable nutrient to marque up connected the way (especially erstwhile you spot TikTokers whipping up gourmet meals successful the woods), but it’s champion to rein that in. Food prep extracurricular of a existent room is already a spot of a challenge, truthful erstwhile successful doubt, support it simple.


Consider the trash you’ll marque and ever battalion it out. Orange peels, integrative wrappers, java filters—everything indispensable spell retired with you. I bring an other reusable container specifically for this.

  1. Stasher  Reusable Half-Gallon Storage Bag

    Consider the trash you’ll marque and ever battalion it out. Orange peels, integrative wrappers, java filters—everything indispensable spell retired with you. I battalion an other reusable container specifically for this.

    Stasher Reusable Half-Gallon
    Storage Bag
    goop, $20



In summation to considering your menu, battalion weight, and containers, you person to support h2o successful mind. REI has tons of useful tips for due hydration erstwhile hiking. Just retrieve that you’ll request to bring other for thing you marque that needs water, similar java oregon oatmeal.



This was my gateway hike—largely due to the fact that of the committedness of a coffee.

Coffee and Tea

Brewing a caller cupful of java oregon beverage astatine the extremity of a hike is specified a treat. There are lightweight setups for pour-over oregon French property if you’re an aficionado, but you’d beryllium amazed astatine however galore legit java and beverage companies are making instant packets now. Sightglass is my everlastingly prime for java beans, and the instant is conscionable arsenic good. Pique has galore fantastic teas—the matcha and rooibos are my favorites. You tin bring a campy stove to boil h2o oregon bring the blistery h2o on successful a good-quality thermos. Both these instants dissolve successful acold water, too, if a acold java oregon beverage is much your thing. For creamer, you tin battalion a small instrumentality of your favourite from location oregon spell for a powdered enactment similar the Superfood Creamer from Laird.

  1. Sightglass  Instant Blueboon

    Sightglass Instant Blueboon


  2. Laird Superfood Original Superfood Creamer

    Laird Superfood Original Superfood Creamer


  3. Pique Tea Sun Goddess Matcha Sticks

    Pique Tea Sun Goddess Matcha Sticks goop, $58


  4. Stojo  16-Ounce Biggie Cup

    Stojo 16-Ounce Biggie Cup goop, $20



If your program is to beryllium retired each day, you’ll request a meal similar the above, a lunch, and immoderate energizing snacks to get you through. Bonus points for a amusive drink.

Sandwiches and Wraps

These are cleanable for a no-fuss way lunch. I effort to debar ace caller cheeses, mayo, and ovum due to the fact that they won’t beryllium refrigerated for a while. I battalion hearty sandwiches successful a reusable container oregon wax wrapper and usage a stainless alloy lawsuit to support softer items from getting smooshed.

  1. Prosciutto Baguette with Chive Butter

    Prosciutto Baguette
    with Chive Butter

    A large nonsoggy enactment to pack.


  2. Spicy Hummus Kyerito

    Spicy Hummus Kyerito

    Plant-based and trail-ready.


  3. AB and J Sandwich

    AB and J Sandwich

    The sammie of my puerility inactive hits the spot.


  4. Onyx  Medium 2-Layer Sandwich Box

    Onyx Medium 2-Layer Sandwich Box goop, $12


  5. Stasher  Reusable Sandwich Bag

    Stasher Reusable Sandwich Bag goop, $12


  6. Snacksheet  Reusable Vegan Snackwraps

    Snacksheets Reusable Vegan Snackwraps goop, $18


Tortilla FTW

If you’d alternatively assemble thing casual connected the fly, flip immoderate tortillas successful your bag. They’re a hiker favorite: Both pliable and sturdy, they tin marque a large conveyance for thing from peanut food and banana chips to citrusy tuna.

Back Country Charcuterie

A snack board has agelong been my favourite happening to devour for lunch, truthful it’s nary astonishment I emotion the way mentation arsenic well. A small jerky oregon salami, positive a hard, aged food and crusty bread. You tin spell each retired and bring on immoderate olives for a briny treat. A packet of mustard for the nutrient and chromatic for the food marque this a precise rugged-yet-pinkies-out affair.

  1. Moku  Plant-Based Jerky

    Moku Plant-Based Jerky


  2. Creminelli  Black Pepper Salami Minis

    Creminelli Black Pepper Salami Minis


  3. Gaea  Green Olive Snack Packs

    Gaea Green Olive Snack Packs


Nuts and Fruit

They telephone it way premix for a reason. It’s casual to eat, it provides a bully assortment of textures and flavors (crunchy, chewy, salty, sweet), and that operation of nutrients should assistance with vigor passim the day. Granola bars and day balls tin besides get the occupation done. Nosh connected these each hr oregon truthful to support you going.

  1. goop Gorp

    goop Gorp

    We packed this premix with gems similar
    pistachios, cherries, chocolate,
    cashews, and cardamom.


  2. Date Balls

    Date Balls

    Think of it arsenic a way truffle.


  3. Roasted Almond Butter Bars

    Roasted Almond Butter Bars

    These are afloat of delicious and
    wholesome ingredients. And truthful
    easy to make.


A Fun Bev

One of the things that has bothered maine astir emblematic hiking and backpacking nutrient is the deficiency of acidity—I emotion to decorativeness everything with a compression of citrus oregon a splash of vinegar. I came crossed this True Citrus pulverization that wholly does the trick. It comes successful 4 flavors (I’ve lone tried lime and citrus truthful far, but there’s besides orangish and grapefruit), and it’s made from conscionable crystallized citrus foodstuff and oils—no sweeteners whatsoever. One packet of True Lime is equivalent to a lime wedge, and it dissolves successful h2o and tastes tart and refreshing similar the existent thing. I similar it arsenic a makeshift limeade to refresh maine aft lunch, but I deliberation there’s a batch of imaginable for cooking with this to adhd a small oomph to dehydrated backpacking meals.

  1. True Citrus True Lime

    True Citrus True Lime



You’ve been satiated by each the delicious snacks, but present it’s clip for dinner. You’re astir apt tuckered out, particularly aft mounting up camp, truthful let’s support it simple. Delicious—but simple.

Backpacking Meals

There are tons of convenient dehydrated backpacking meals retired there—you virtually conscionable adhd h2o and go, eating them close retired of the bag. Sounds a small unappealing, but they’ve gotten truthful overmuch amended implicit the years. The champion marque I’ve recovered is Good To-Go. These are developed by chefs, with existent full foods, and made successful Maine. There are vegan and gluten-free options. Flavors similar Indian Korma, Chicken Pho, and Chicken Gumbo connection an breathtaking assortment compared to the beef stews different brands trust on.

  1. Good To-Go Chicken Pho

    Good To-Go Chicken Pho


DIY Backpacking Meals

Homemade backpacking nutrient isn’t needfully hard to make. It’s benignant of similar solving a puzzle—putting unneurotic quick-cooking ingredients with immoderate large spirit garnishes. There are astir apt mode much ingredients successful your cupboard that person imaginable than you realize.

Couscous and atom vermicelli marque large bases. Both navigator up quickly—all you person to bash is screen them with boiling h2o and fto them set. Toss successful a fistful of dehydrated oregon freeze-dried veggies for color, texture, and other nutrients, and past it’s down to the spirit boosters. Try sundried tomatoes, oregano, ail powder, and olive lipid for an Italian vibe. Peanut butter, ginger powder, soy sauce, and sriracha for a Thai-satay-inspired situation. Again, you tin battalion these successful reusables oregon find galore ingredients—like olive oil, peanut butter, and soy sauce—in single-serving packets.

Drinks and Dessert

A flask of whiskey oregon tequila mightiness dependable a small utmost if you don’t usually portion it neat, but if you person chromatic packets and True Citrus, you tin marque a tasty concoction. Or bring on a tiny (adorable) canned cocktail similar the ones from Tip Top Proper Cocktails.

If you privation thing sweet, the dark-chocolate-covered peanuts from Unreal are a favourite of mine, but mostly thing with a candy ammunition should fare good and spare you a melted cocoa mess.

  1. Tip Top  Proper Cocktails

    Tip Top Proper Cocktails


  2. Unreal Dark Chocolate Peanut Gems

    Unreal Dark Chocolate Peanut Gems


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