Sarah Everard murder: Met Police sacks Wayne Couzens

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image captionWayne Couzens volition beryllium sentenced for the execution of Sarah Everard successful September

The constabulary serviceman who murdered Sarah Everard has been dismissed from the Metropolitan Police, a week aft admitting the crime.

Wayne Couzens, 48, pleaded blameworthy connected 9 July to the execution of the 33-year-old selling executive.

The proceeding was held arsenic soon arsenic imaginable aft Couzens' blameworthy plea, the Met Police said.

He had antecedently pleaded blameworthy astatine the Old Bailey, connected 8 June, to the kidnap and rape of Ms Everard.

Assistant Commissioner Helen Ball sacked him with contiguous effect.

The disciplinary proceeding was held successful backstage aft Met bosses decided "the request for transparency was outweighed by the hazard of interfering with transgression proceedings", and the determination was published consecutive afterwards.

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image captionSarah Everard was optimistic astir her future, friends said

Couzens had planned an abduction astatine slightest 3 days successful advance, hiring a car and buying carpet protector. He encountered Ms Everard arsenic she walked location to her level successful Brixton from a friend's location successful Clapham connected 3 March.

Investigators are looking into whether helium utilized his constabulary recognition to transportation Ms Everard into the car.

Ms Everard's friends raised the alarm erstwhile they were incapable to interaction her the pursuing day.

Her assemblage was recovered a week later, successful an concern rubble sack, adjacent onshore Couzens owned successful Kent. Ms Everard had been strangled.

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image captionWayne Couzens successful uniform, holding a breathalyser

Ms Ball said: "Couzens has betrayed everything we, the police, basal for and pursuing his blameworthy pleas and convictions I person dismissed him today.

"All of america successful the Met are horrified, sickened and angered by this man's crimes. Sarah was a young pistillate who had her beingness cruelly snatched distant from her. I cognize she is sorely missed by truthful galore radical and our thoughts stay with her loved ones. We are truthful profoundly sorry."

It emerged that the erstwhile serviceman was suspected of indecent vulnerability astatine fast-food restaurants successful London and Kent, though helium was inactive allowed to stay connected progressive service.

Couzens is owed to beryllium sentenced astatine the Old Bailey connected 29 September.

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