Ruth Madeley: Actress says taxi driver took her wheelchair away

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By Keiligh Baker and Alex Taylor
BBC Ouch and BBC amusement reporter

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image captionMadeley described the incidental arsenic traumatic

Actress Ruth Madeley has revealed a taxi operator took her wheelchair distant pursuing an statement aft refusing to thrust her to an accessible entrance.

Posting astir the incidental astatine London's Euston bid presumption past month, Bafta-nominated Madeley said the operator believed that due to the fact that he'd seen her stand, helium "knew [she] could walk".

She added the operator past demanded an other interest and took her wheelchair away.

Transport for London has apologised for the "utterly appalling" incident.

Graham Robinson, TfL's wide manager for taxi and backstage hire, said: "We person contacted Ruth for much details truthful we tin transportation retired a afloat and urgent investigation."

The British actress, who was nominated for a Bafta for her breakthrough relation successful the BBC's Don't Take My Baby earlier starring successful 2019's Years and Years, wrote connected Instagram: "When I told [the driver] that I can't negociate stairs, helium proceeded to archer maine that it was my occupation not his.

"As if this wasn't traumatic enough, helium demanded his fare adjacent though the travel had been prepaid."

She continued: "When I tried explaining this connected the street, helium became precise agitated &, successful sheer frustration, helium took my wheelchair from down maine without informing & carried it distant to enactment successful the footwear of his taxi, leaving maine connected the broadside of the road."

The actress's mother, who was travelling with her, managed to retrieve the wheelchair, though the operator "tried his champion to halt her", Madeley said.

Taxis and designated wheelchair-accessible backstage prosecute vehicles person a ineligible work to transportation wheelchair users successful accordance with the Equality Act 2010. This includes a work to supply mobility assistance without further charge.

Madeley said that erstwhile she tried to study the incidental to the Metropolitan Police, she was told it was not a hatred transgression and that nary transgression enactment had taken place.

She added: "I was unopen down and made to consciousness arsenic though I was making a fuss implicit nothing.

"After much warring & asking for support, the constabulary told maine that thing tin beryllium done. No informing to the taxi operator oregon the firm, nary accountability, nary consequences…"

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image captionMadeley was nominated for the Bafta Award for champion histrion successful 2016

A Met spokesperson confirmed to the BBC that, portion appreciating the upset caused, the unit would not analyse due to the fact that the incidental is "not a transgression matter".

The incidental took spot connected the time that it was announced Madeley is to prima successful BBC Two's forthcoming factual play Independence Day? How Disabled Rights Were Won.

Marking the passing of the Disability Discrimination Act, the movie is based connected the existent communicative of the radical down a run of nonstop enactment that pb to important steps guardant successful the conflict for disabled civilian rights successful Britain.

Madeley said her acquisition reflected the favoritism experienced by disabled radical "every azygous day" and was "clear impervious that the combat for disablement rights is acold from over".

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