Republicans Start To Panic About Trump Costing Them The 2022 Election

4 months ago 32

Trump is planning to come back in 2022 and make the midterm election all about him, and this is starting to worry Republicans.

Politico reported:

Donald Trump just can’t seem to quit 2020. That means Republicans can’t either.


”If Trump focused on Pelosi and Biden’s policy failures, he would help us. If it’s about election fraud and sour grapes from 2020, it will hurt us,” said one GOP lawmaker who represents a purple district. “We may be able to still win the majority, but I think it makes the hill harder to climb. Obviously, the base likes it, but the base doesn’t win the majority in the House,” the lawmaker added.

If Republicans allow Trump anywhere near the 2022 election, it will backfire and bring Democrats out to the polls in droves. Trump is a horrible campaigner for other candidates. Recent history in Georgia showed that when Trump gets involved in elections, he costs Republicans votes.

Trump makes every election and every appearance about himself. The failed former one-term president has zero interest in helping the Republican Party recapture the majority. He doesn’t care about the Republican Party.

The failed former president is going to use the 2022 election as a relaunch for his own presidential campaign, but the fastest way for Republicans to lose in 2022 is to allow Trump to make the election all about himself.

Donald Trump’s big comeback could blow up in the faces of the GOP.

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