Ref's savage spray sums up Titans' nightmare

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Titans co-captain Kevin Proctor was progressive successful an awkward speech with referee Matt Cecchin during the Gold Coast's 26-8 nonaccomplishment to Parramatta.

The Titans started tonight's lucifer with a beardown opening 5 minutes, which saw them astir transverse implicit doubly earlier things took a crook for the worse.

A stunning solo effort from playmaker Dylan Brown successful the ninth infinitesimal was the commencement of a Parramatta onslaught arsenic the Eels poured connected 5 consecutive tries to stroke the Titans disconnected the park.

While Gold seashore deed backmost with 2 precocious tries of their own, it was a lawsuit of excessively little, excessively precocious arsenic the Eels rode location a comfy lead, successful which 4 of their 5 tries came during the archetypal half.

But during the archetypal half, a infinitesimal that near viewers successful stitches was erstwhile Cecchin fto Proctor cognize conscionable however unimpressed helium was pursuing an unsuccessful captain's challenge.

Brown's stunning solo try

Proctor had called for a captain's situation aft Tino Fa'asuamaleaui was pinged for an mistake during the play-the-ball.

Fa'asuamaleaui astatine the clip was arguing that Eels guardant Ryan Matterson, who was lying successful the mediate of the ruck, caused the mistake successful the play-the-ball.

However, replays suggested determination was nary infringement from Matterson arsenic Cecchin called Proctor implicit to person a fewer words.

"Kevin, did you spot what we conscionable saw then?" Cecchin asked the Titans co-captain.

"Come on, beryllium just dinkum mate."

Commentator Andrew Voss added: "Wow! Matt Cecchin putting Kevin Proctor backmost successful his place."

Proctor binned implicit unsafe tackle

Unfortunately for Proctor, helium whitethorn besides find himself spending immoderate clip connected the sidelines aft helium was sent to the misdeed bin aboriginal successful the archetypal fractional for a lifting tackle connected Isaiah Papali'i.

While Proctor made the tackle alongside teammate Patrick Herbert, the referee opted conscionable to nonstop Proctor to the bin.

"That's dangerous, they volition get a mates of weeks for that," Balmain Tigers large Steve Roach said successful commentary for Fox Fox League.

Voss added: "They person elected to pinpoint conscionable 1 of the two, and it is Kevin Proctor who has been sent."

"Proctor has done the archetypal of the lifting and it's ended successful a unsafe position."

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