Reading stabbing: Park death was not meant to be murder, court hears

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image captionOlly Stephens was stabbed to decease successful Emmer Green successful Reading

A lad charged with stabbing a 13-year-old to decease has told a tribunal it "wasn't expected to beryllium a murder".

Oliver Stephens, known arsenic Olly, was pronounced dormant astatine Bugs Bottom fields successful Emmer Green, Reading, connected 3 January.

Giving grounds astatine Reading Crown Court, the suspect admitted helium took a weapon with him to conscionable Olly but did not privation to harm him.

Two boys, some 14, contradict murder. A girl, besides 14, and 1 of the boys, person pleaded blameworthy to manslaughter.

None of them tin beryllium identified for ineligible reasons.

The tribunal antecedently heard Olly had been "lured" to a parkland by a miss and "ambushed" by 2 teenage boys, who were "motivated by perceived grievances" against him.

The alleged attackers were said to person near Olly with stab wounds to the thorax and backmost aft a abbreviated scuffle.

One of the 2 accused boys admitted a complaint of perverting the people of justness by disposing of covering worn astatine the clip of the killing.

He changed his plea erstwhile the complaint was enactment to him arsenic helium began to springiness grounds connected Thursday.

image captionOlly was pronounced dormant astatine Bug Bottom fields

The lad was asked astir a substance sent the time earlier the onslaught by different miss sought to "set up" Olly which said: "I consciousness similar I'm portion of a execution team."

He is alleged to person replied: "Nah, it's not a murder, conscionable commencement tryna get adjacent to him."

Asked to explicate this, helium told the court: "Obviously it wasn't expected to beryllium a execution and it's conscionable astir trying to get adjacent to him due to the fact that I wanted him to travel out, I wanted to talk to him."

Defence barrister Timothy Raggatt QC asked: "Did you privation to bash him immoderate harm?"

He said Olly had been "talking down our backs, saying things we haven't done".

The suspect said helium was besides asked by the different accused lad to bring a knife.

He told the jury: "Obviously Olly was astir apt going to person a weapon connected him. I cognize helium carries knives, I've seen him with knives."

He said helium thought the different lad mightiness person a combat with Olly, portion helium would "make him accidental atrocious to maine for talking astir me".

The tribunal heard a combat broke out, and Olly reached for his waistband.

The lad past pulled his ain weapon due to the fact that helium thought the different lad "was going to get stabbed", and truthful helium wanted to "scare Olly".

He said the full incidental lasted betwixt 30 and 40 seconds.

On his mode location helium threw the weapon into the Thames arsenic helium crossed Reading Bridge "because I had conscionable swung astatine someone, due to the fact that determination was a accidental that I could've conscionable stabbed someone", helium said.

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