Raiders awarded controversial eight-point try

2 weeks ago 10

By George Vlotis and Marc Churches

The Raiders couldn't person asked for a amended commencement aft being awarded an eight-point effort during the opening 10 minutes against the Sharks tonight.

Braydon Trindall was placed connected study and pulled up by referee Grant Atkins aft helium appeared to marque immoderate added interaction connected Raiders winger Jordan Rapana, who had conscionable grounded the ball.

Rapana was awarded the effort earlier it was sent up to the bunker for a further reappraisal connected whether an eight-pointer should apply.

Rapana wins an eight-point try. (Twitter)

The bunker authoritative successful complaint of the reappraisal said: "Jordan Rapana has grounded the ball. In the process of scoring the try, Braydon Trindall has deed Jordan Rapana high."

However, the determination to grant an eight-point effort was met with contention aft Balmain Tigers large Steve Roach felt Trindall was hard done by.

"What's Braydon Trindall expected to do?" Roach asked successful commentary for Fox League.

"Jordan Rapana is diving implicit the line, and Trindall is coming crossed to marque the tackle

"What other tin helium do? He can't disappear."

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