Racist abuse of England players Marcus Rashford, Jadon Sancho & Bukayo Saka condemned by FA

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Sancho and RashfordJadon Sancho and Marcus Rashford some missed penalties successful England's shootout defeat

The Football Association has condemned racist maltreatment aimed astatine England players Marcus Rashford, Jadon Sancho and Bukayo Saka aft Sunday's Euro 2020 last decision by Italy.

All 3 players missed penalties successful the 3-2 shootout nonaccomplishment and were targeted connected societal media aft the game.

The FA said it was "appalled" by the abuse.

England's players person taken the genu earlier games astatine the Euros to item the combat against radical inequality.

"We could not beryllium clearer that anyone down specified disgusting behaviour is not invited successful pursuing the team," said the FA successful a statement.

"We volition bash each we tin to enactment the players affected portion urging the toughest punishments imaginable for anyone responsible.

"We volition proceed to bash everything we tin to stamp favoritism retired of the game, but we implore authorities to enactment rapidly and bring successful the due authorities truthful this maltreatment has existent beingness consequences.

"Social media companies request to measurement up and instrumentality accountability and enactment to prohibition abusers from their platforms, stitchery grounds that tin pb to prosecution and enactment making their platforms escaped from this benignant of abhorrent abuse."

Rashford highlighted radical maltreatment helium received connected societal media successful May aft losing the Europa League last with Manchester United.

And past twelvemonth Sancho was among sport stars protesting against racism pursuing the execution of George Floyd by a constabulary serviceman successful Minneapolis.

Social media companies person been criticised for a perceived deficiency of enactment connected racist maltreatment connected their platforms, and successful April Instagram announced a instrumentality to alteration users to automatically filter retired abusive messages from those they bash not follow.

Following galore instances of online abuse, a fig of clubs, players, athletes and sporting bodies took portion successful a four-day boycott of societal media successful April to promote companies to instrumentality a stronger stance against racist and sexist abuse.

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