QAnon Cultists Tell Kamala Harris Trump Is Still President In South Carolina

3 months ago 22

Vice President Kamala Harris was greeted by protesters claiming that Trump is still president on her vaccination tour stop in Greenville, SC.

According to Vice Presidential Press Pool as provided to PoliticusUSA:

The Phillis Wheatley Community Center, the first stop, where Harris will talk about encouraging more folks in South Carolina towards the vaccine, is named after the first African American author of a published book of poetry.

While rolling into the center:

Just outside the center, there were protestors with signs that “border is that way” and “Trump won” and fewer, quieter counter protestors from the democratic side cheering the motorcade on. Some also held up signs with no masks signs made.

More protestors hollering “go to Texas” or “borders” and signs that said “Trump is still out Prez” on our way to the YMCA vaccination site.

Trump is not the president. Trump will not be the president probably ever again, but his next chance to be president won’t come until January 2025, which by that point, he would be nearly 80 years old.

The Republican Party is living in a fantasy world driven by the QAnon cult. These people will never accept reality, and they are going to continue to fight and relitigate an election that has long ago been decided.

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