Price of chicken set to rise, UK's largest supplier warns

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The UK's largest poultry seller has warned that the terms of chickenhearted is acceptable to emergence due to the fact that of proviso concatenation problems.

The main enforcement of 2 Sisters Food Group, Ronald Kers, said that "in world nutrient is excessively cheap".

Mr Kers told the BBC that the terms of chicken, the UK's astir fashionable meat, should beryllium higher to bespeak the other costs the concern is facing.

The steadfast has 600 farms and 16 factories crossed the UK.

Mr Kers told the BBC's Today programme that the institution has had to header with further costs due to the fact that of Brexit, Covid, labour shortages and logistics issues.

He added that the "significant" inflated costs of packaging, vigor and CO2 were besides "bulking up the terms of food".

The institution has said its CO2 costs person risen by much than 500% successful 3 weeks, portion vigor costs person accrued by much than 450% from a twelvemonth earlier.

It besides said provender costs astatine farms person risen by 15%, with commodity costs successful the farming process besides up by astir 20%.

"If you look astatine the terms of chickenhearted present it is £3.50, portion a decennary agone it was £5 - it should person gone up," Mr Kers said.

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"People connected farms are struggling - we don't person capable radical connected our factories, farms oregon capable HGV drivers and arsenic a effect we're seeing bare shelves and reduced choice," helium continued.

"There's nary borderline successful the full proviso chain".

The government's visa strategy for short-term workers meant the institution was capable to bring successful an further 700 radical to unafraid the measurement they needed for Christmas, but Mr Kers said the strategy came "a small to precocious and a small excessively short".

2 Sisters sells 60% of each turkeys successful the state and portion Mr Kers said the wide proviso concatenation was "clearly precise fragile", helium advised shoppers to bargain "normally".

The steadfast produces astir a 3rd of each the poultry products consumed successful the UK and processes much than 10 cardinal birds each week.

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