Premier League: Covid-19 outbreaks mean four more of weekend's games called off

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Brentford brag Frank calls for Premier League postponements

Half of the weekend's Premier League fixtures are present disconnected aft 4 much games were postponed due to the fact that of Covid-19 outbreaks.

The latest games affected are Southampton v Brentford, Watford v Crystal Palace, West Ham v Norwich and Everton v Leicester.

Earlier connected Thursday, Manchester United's lucifer with Brighton connected Saturday was called off, on with Leicester City's crippled with Tottenham connected Thursday, which is portion of the league's midweek programme.

On Wednesday Brentford brag Thomas Frank called for this weekend's top-flight fixtures to beryllium postponed to fto clubs woody with the outbreaks but the Premier League is truthful acold resisting that.

"All different fixtures owed to beryllium played this play are presently scheduled to proceed arsenic planned," it said successful a statement.

Liverpool players Fabinho, Curtis Jones and Virgil van Dijk volition besides miss Thursday's lucifer with Newcastle aft suspected affirmative tests, though manager Jurgen Klopp said that the nine did not inquire for a postponement.

"Honestly, I deliberation astatine 1 constituent we person to marque wide what precisely the rules are, but of people with 3 players retired and this squad we wouldn't person asked to not play a shot game," helium told BT Sport.

Thursday's different lucifer betwixt Chelsea and Everton is acceptable to spell up contempt 4 of the London side's players investigating affirmative - Romelu Lukaku, Timo Werner, Callum Hudson-Odoi and the injured Ben Chilwell.

A full of 9 top-flight matches person been cancelled implicit the past week, the others being Tottenham's lucifer against Brighton past Sunday, Brentford's crippled with Manchester United connected Tuesday and Burnley's lucifer against Watford connected Wednesday.

The Premier League said determination was "an summation successful affirmative Covid-19 cases" astatine Leicester connected Thursday, portion Manchester United person an ongoing outbreak.

United said they would besides suspend grooming astatine their Carrington basal for "a abbreviated play to assistance trim hazard of further transmission".

The nine added successful a statement: "The wellness of players and unit is our priority. Given the fig of players and enactment unit having to isolate owed to Covid-19, the nine had nary enactment different than to petition the lucifer beryllium rearranged.

"We regret immoderate disappointment and inconvenience caused to fans by the postponement."

Leicester manager Brendan Rodgers said connected Wednesday that an archetypal petition to cancel their crippled with Tottenham had been rejected, with the nine expecting to beryllium without 9 players due to the fact that of Covid-related issues and injuries.

Spurs besides wanted the crippled postponed to usage the day to play their Europa Conference League crippled with Rennes, which was called disconnected past week aft a Covid outbreak.

"In airy of the caller information, Leicester applied [on Thursday] for the fixture to beryllium called disconnected owed to an ongoing outbreak wrong the squad, which has resulted successful much players and unit investigating affirmative for Covid-19 today," work a Premier League statement.

"This has near the nine with an insufficient fig of players disposable to fulfil the game."

A Leicester connection read: "Given the summation successful affirmative tests among first-team personnel, first-team operations astatine Seagrave [training ground] volition present beryllium closed for 48 hours, serving arsenic a circuit breaker to assistance trim the hazard of further infection.

"First-team players and unit volition acquisition a consequent circular of investigating connected Saturday."

The Premier League added: "Regarding Manchester United's crippled connected Saturday [against Brighton], the nine continues to person an ongoing Covid-19 outbreak wrong their squad, which has near them incapable to tract a squad for the lucifer astatine Old Trafford.

"A important fig of Covid-19 cases led to their crippled against Brentford being called disconnected earlier this week, and contiguous [Thursday] further affirmative tests person been confirmed."

Brighton brag Graham Potter questioned however agelong "football tin proceed connected the way it's on" aft revealing his Covid-hit squad wanted Wednesday's crippled against Wolves, which they mislaid 1-0, to beryllium postponed.

The Premier League said it "assesses applications connected a case-by-case basis" and decisions are "based connected existing rules and Covid-19 postponement guidance issued to each clubs".

It added: "[The board] volition measure a fig of factors, including the quality of a nine to tract a team; the status, severity and imaginable interaction of the Covid-19 outbreak astatine the club; and the quality of the players to safely hole for and play the match.

"The committee indispensable besides see the wider risks to the absorption and different radical the nine whitethorn travel into interaction with."

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