Post Office Horizon scandal: More subpostmasters cleared

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image captionThe Horizon strategy was designed to grounds the transactions carried retired successful a station bureau branch

The Court of Appeal has cleared 12 much erstwhile subpostmasters who were wrongly convicted of offences during the Post Office Horizon scandal.

It brings the full of judgements overturned to 57, but hundreds much are hoping for akin decisions.

Between 1999 and 2015, they were sacked oregon prosecuted aft wealth appeared to vanish from accounts astatine their branches.

The problems were caused by the Horizon machine strategy successful Post Office branches which turned retired to beryllium flawed.

Some subpostmasters were imprisoned aft being convicted of stealing money.

In April, 39 radical had verdicts against them overturned, following connected from the overturning of six different convictions successful December.

More radical person been affected by this than successful immoderate different miscarriage of justness successful the UK.

Significant bugs

The Horizon system, developed by the Japanese institution Fujitsu, was archetypal rolled retired successful 1999 to immoderate station offices to beryllium utilized for a assortment of tasks including accounting and stocktaking.

But from an aboriginal stage, it appeared to person important bugs which could origin the strategy to misreport, sometimes involving important sums of money.

Horizon-based grounds was utilized by the Post Office to successfully prosecute 736 people.

Three judges quashed the convictions of Robert Ambrose, Hasmukh Shingadia, John Armstrong, Timothy Brentnall, Jerry Hosi, Gurdeep Singh Dhale, John Dickson, Abiodun Omotoso, Malcolm Watkins, Sami Sabet, Carina Price and Rizwan Manjra.

Their appeals were unopposed by the Post Office.

At a proceeding successful March, the tribunal heard subpostmasters' lives were "irreparably ruined", with immoderate losing marriages, jobs and homes aft they were prosecuted by the Post Office.

An autarkic enquiry is being held into the affair.

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