Pontypool: The town looking for a fresh start

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By Matt Lloyd
BBC News

media caption"We tin effort and revive Pontypool"

Friends successful masks drawback up, traders telephone retired and ladies successful tunics manus retired samples of their cooking with a smile. It's marketplace time successful Pontypool.

This erstwhile prosperous town, similar truthful galore crossed Wales, is looking to marque a caller commencement aft the pandemic.

The section authorization has pledged to prioritise breathing caller beingness into the municipality centre and immoderate feeling of optimism is surely helped by the sunshine.

But however radical surviving and moving successful the municipality presumption the aboriginal remains mixed.

The queue astatine the cash-point suggested radical were feeling assured capable to walk and while, for some, the solid is half-empty, for others it is surely half-full.

Do you absorption connected the bare shops and 'premises to let' signs hanging from immoderate of the town's 56 listed buildings wrong the conservation area? Or bash you formed an oculus astatine the tiny autarkic traders chatting warmly with customers?

image captionPontypool is aiming to reinvent itself

Inside the marketplace immoderate traders person ne'er had it truthful good, specified arsenic Penrhiwgyngi Farm Bakery who began deliveries during lockdown. Others though person pulled down the shutters for good.

Pontypool's heyday - archetypal done robust and coal, past the much-sought aft Japanware and past it's rugby team's fearsome front-row - whitethorn person agelong gone but it is looking to reinvent itself.

The question, of course, is how.

image copyrightTorfaen Museum Trust

image captionPontypool was among the earliest concern towns successful Wales

Pontypool's bare shops are nary antithetic to precocious streets each implicit the UK pursuing the illness of truthful galore well-known chains.

However the absorption present is to assistance section businesses, start-ups and entrepreneurs to determination in, aided by grants, inexpensive rents compared to different towns and escaped parking for customers.

One passer-by whitethorn person quipped, "they should beryllium paying you to parkland successful there", but traders are settling.

When New Look near the municipality centre, an autarkic gym took its spot and brought with it regular footfall. The market, boosted by reduced rents, has seen occupancy emergence during the pandemic to 77%.

The anticipation is that specified start-ups tin trial the h2o earlier perchance moving into larger premises successful the town.

image captionLewis Woolfall chose a marketplace stall up of online income for his caller 3D printing service

Among those to instrumentality vantage is 21-year-old Lewis Woolfall, who has opened a 3D printing service.

He said concern was booming, keeping his 15 printers moving astir the clock, and it was each done his humble marketplace stall, which helium opened 2 days earlier the firebreak lockdown successful October.

"I wanted to beryllium capable to talk face-to-face to my customers alternatively than having endless email conversations," helium said.

"Many of customers are not online and it truly helps them to recognize what I tin bash erstwhile they travel present and chat. But radical are mostly rather amazed to find a 3D printing store successful the market."

However not everyone is prospering. Just astir the country 1 trader, who had seen the imaginable successful Pontypool, said she took conscionable £5 connected a Saturday portion different blames the by-pass and Cwmbran's retail parkland for the harm inflicted.

"The municipality is coping with the pandemic but it's the large boys that are closing down and the autarkic traders who are keeping the municipality centre going," said assemblage assembly person Gaynor James, who besides owns babe apparel store Individuality.

"There's often negativity erstwhile thing closes, but the assembly tin lone bash truthful much."

image caption"We privation to marque Pontypool a destination," says trader Allun Davies


Allun and Nichola Davies are among those autarkic traders trying to marque Pontypool a "destination" for shoppers looking for thing different.

They ain Ragamuffins Emporium which works with 30 traders selling antiques, curiosities and collectables.

"We're seeing radical coming to america from different parts of Wales and that's large for the town," said Mr Davies, 53.

"Hopefully that tin promote different traders to travel and assistance the municipality find that niche.

"Some radical accidental these towns are struggling but they're an opportunity. Pontypool is beautiful, its a emblematic welcoming valleys municipality and has specified imaginable due to the fact that it's truthful affordable.

"Slowly but surely it is rebuilding."

It is helped by the section authorization putting its wealth wherever its rima is.

image captionBusinesses are being offered incentives to bring aged buildings successful the Pontypool conservation country backmost to life

Through backstage and nationalist assemblage funds, Torfaen assembly has overseen much than £1m successful regeneration concern into Pontypool this past twelvemonth alone.

It has besides confirmed it is to pump each the wealth it gets done the levelling-up fund into its 3 municipality centres of Pontypool, Cwmbran and Blaenavon.

"We person an accidental to marque a quality with the backing that's present available," said Kelly Collins-Thomas, economical and regeneration manager.

"Town centres are a lifeline. They're astatine the bosom of economical enactment and providing services for residents truthful we privation to marque them charismatic places to live, enactment and visit.

"Covid has provided a refocus successful presumption of radical looking locally for services and we're seeing a existent premix of businesses looking to find successful Pontypool.

"It takes immoderate enactment to bring immoderate of these beauteous aged gathering backmost to beingness but we are seeing radical are consenting to invest."

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