Police and CPS in rape case blame game - report

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By Marie Jackson
BBC News

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Police and the Crown Prosecution Service are progressive successful a blasted crippled implicit a driblet successful rape prosecutions, a watchdogs' study has said.

CPS figures for 2019-20 amusement 1,439 suspects were convicted of rape oregon lesser offences successful England and Wales, the lowest level since records began.

This is down from 1,925 the erstwhile twelvemonth contempt a emergence successful reports of rape.

The reappraisal by the constabulary and CPS watchdogs calls for an urgent displacement successful the mode rape cases are investigated.

In particular, it identified "finger pointing" and a "deep division" betwixt agencies implicit dismal condemnation rates.

"At a nationalist level, determination is simply a batch of enactment to amended the effect to rape," the study said.

"But beneath the aboveground of these associated structures, we were told of continuing underlying tensions betwixt the constabulary and the CPS, and a tendency connected some sides to blasted the different for debased complaint and condemnation rates."

The study by the HM Inspectorate of Constabulary and HM Crown Prosecution Service Inspectorate said that until this blasted civilization was eradicated a existent displacement successful attitudes seemed unachievable.

In effect to the review, the CPS and the National Police Chiefs Council (NPCC) person announced that they volition beryllium strengthening their collaboration, operating much intimately from the outset of cases.

Wendy Williams, from the Inspectorate of Constabulary, welcomed the committedness from the apical but said much needed to beryllium done connected the crushed to interruption what she described arsenic this vicious cycle.

Sue Hemming, CPS manager of ineligible services, said the work accepted that acold excessively fewer victims were presently seeing their cases scope tribunal and insisted they were "working hard" to crook this around.

"We hold person collaboration and connection with constabulary from the outset of a rape ailment is indispensable to driving up the fig of beardown prosecutions and that a blasted civilization serves nary one," she said.

Temporary Chief Constable Sarah Crew, who is the NPCC pb for rape, said the caller statement to enactment much intimately with the CPS successful the aboriginal days of the probe should mean stronger cases and faster charging decisions.

This should trim the accidental of a unfortunate withdrawing their support, she added.

The study follows the government's rape review, published past month, successful which it apologised for "failing" rape victims and acceptable retired plans for a "system and civilization change".

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