PIP: Rules to be eased for terminally ill benefit claimants

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Terminally sick radical with little than a twelvemonth to unrecorded volition get fast-tracked for benefits aft ministers said they volition grow the timeframe for those eligible for peculiar consideration.

Previously patients had to beryllium they had little than six months to unrecorded and charities accidental galore died without their cases being resolved.

It is 2 years since a authorities reappraisal was launched into the issue.

Campaigners accidental it is simply a "significant measurement forward".

They person been seeking a alteration to however terminally sick radical entree payment support, known arsenic Personal Independence Payments (PIP).

Under the existent rules, patients successful England and Wales indispensable supply aesculapian impervious that they person six months oregon little to unrecorded truthful that they tin entree benefits rapidly and astatine a higher rate.

And if they unrecorded longer than 3 years aft benefits are awarded, they person to beryllium reassessed.

Charities and immoderate MPs accidental radical person endured distress trying to wade done reddish tape, filling successful forms and attending interviews with benefits advisers.

And immoderate patients person died waiting for the payment benefits they need.

Do I lone person six months to live?

Helen Nicell, who has signifier 4 cancer, told the BBC her outgo was reduced initially erstwhile she was moved from disablement allowance to PIP due to the fact that a doc could not accidental she was apt to dice wrong six months.

media captionPersonal Independence Payments: 'Have I little than six months to live?'

She said: "To person to inquire your advisor - bash you deliberation I whitethorn lone person six months to unrecorded - erstwhile truly they can't reply that, it's a very, precise hard question and precise hard to unrecorded with.

"The advisor said it was really intolerable to enactment a prognosis connected however agelong it would take.

"The crab is successful my spine and astatine immoderate constituent it could dispersed successful to 1 of my organs" she said.

She added: "When you person retired from enactment and you person a fund and you person nary different income" the uncertainty of waiting for an appraisal to travel done is precise hard.

In a written connection to MPs, Minister for Disabled People, Justin Tomlinson, said the changes volition "increase overmuch needed enactment for radical who are nearing the extremity of their lives".

He said the caller 12-month attack "will guarantee radical get the fiscal assistance they request arsenic rapidly arsenic imaginable successful the astir challenging of times."

"Under the updated rules, clinicians inactive person discretion and volition beryllium supported by a realistic and straightforward definition, which aligns with existent NHS practice", helium added.

Matthew Reed, Chief Executive of Marie Curie welcomed the announcement arsenic a "significant measurement forward", and a "tribute to each those who bravely shared their experiences of the benefits system".

"This volition assistance guarantee that much dying radical tin ore connected making the astir of the constricted clip they person left, alternatively than worrying astir their finances.

"There is much to beryllium done, but this is important advancement and we look guardant to moving with the UK Government to bring successful this alteration arsenic rapidly arsenic possible", helium said.

Sally Light, CEO of the Motor Neurone Disease Association said the recommendations "must beryllium implemented quickly".

"No much radical already facing the astir hard clip of their beingness [should] person to hold to assertion the enactment they not lone desperately request but are entitled to".

The changes volition not hap instantly - ministers accidental the instrumentality volition beryllium changed wrong 12 months "when parliamentary clip allows".

The changes successful England and Wales travel akin reforms successful the devolved administrations successful Northern Ireland and Scotland.

Last week the Stormont Assembly signalled it intended to scrap the six period regularisation for those with terminal illnesses.

And guidelines for clinicians successful Scotland are owed to beryllium published this summer, aft the Scottish authorities scrapped the six period regularisation successful 2019.

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