Photographs reveal people behind rare illnesses

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By Catherine Evans
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image copyrightCeridwen Hughes

image captionMaddox has a uncommon familial upset which is simply a perinatal signifier of hypophosphatasia

A parent whose 3 children died of the aforesaid condition, a young antheral facing "the worst unwellness of each time" and a teen who mislaid her hairsbreadth diagnostic successful an accumulation to situation concepts of beauty.

Beauty of Rare was created by northbound Wales-based foundation Same but Different.

Each photograph tells a communicative astir each person's individuality and their acquisition of a uncommon illness.

A virtual exhibition has been launched connected the charity's website.

Photographer and foundation laminitis Ceridwen Hughes said: "Each country was created astir the idiosyncratic and their information with tiny details that, connected archetypal glimpse may, not marque consciousness but connected speechmaking the communicative volition go clearer."

Here are the stories of immoderate of those who feature.

'It's a nightmare'

image copyrightCERIDWEN HUGHES

image captionJonathan Bennett watched his father, member and sister endure from Huntington's Disease, past was diagnosed with it himself

When Jonathan Bennett was diagnosed with Huntington's, helium already knew his fate.

He saw his begetter dice from the illness and has watched his younger sister and older member deteriorate.

With nary cure, Jonathan turned to moving to woody with the carnal and intelligence interaction of the disease. But his assemblage told him to stop.

The 34-year-old from Wrexham said: "I person Huntington's which is simply a truly analyzable illness that affects you successful antithetic ways.

"I was diagnosed erstwhile I was 26, but to beryllium honest, I've ever believed that I've had it.

"The worst portion of the information is the end, probably, seeing my sister and member and the mode it has affected them, but astatine this constituent I americium conscionable trying to beryllium positive. That's each I've ever done."

There is presently nary attraction for Huntington's illness and Jonathan said it was truly important arsenic overmuch probe arsenic imaginable was done.

"When you initially get tested and fixed the diagnosis, it is truly hard going. It is simply a nightmare," helium said.

"If I was capable to talk straight to the researchers, I'd accidental it is the worst unwellness of each time. They request to support connected warring for the radical similar myself and my household due to the fact that we're each warring for the probe ourselves, each day.

"If you commencement reasoning astir it, it'll thrust you crazy. You conscionable person to ace connected with your life."

Jonathan's sister Lizzie, who besides took portion successful the photography session, has since died.

image copyrightCERIDWEN HUGHES

image captionJonathan Bennett's sister Lizzie was photographed for the exhibition, but has since died from Huntington's Disease

'He'll suffer the skills we've watched him gain'

Jack, 8, was diagnosed with Duchenne muscular dystrophy successful 2015 erstwhile helium was conscionable 2 years old.

His mother, Anna Clark, said: "It's a uncommon information that chiefly affects boys. It's a muscle-wasting disease, truthful he'll gradually statesman to suffer each of the skills that we've watched him gain."

She said the household were fixed the quality implicit the telephone by a work doctor, which she wished had been delivered different way.

"It's ne'er going to beryllium bully quality to hear, it wholly throws your satellite upside down. It takes distant each the anticipation that you person for your kid and you commencement grieving for the beingness that they should have."

image copyrightCERIDWEN HUGHES

image captionEight-year-old Jack has Duchenne muscular dystrophy, a muscle-wasting disease

She added: "After the diagnosis, we conscionable threw ourselves into fundraising and uncovering retired arsenic overmuch arsenic we tin successful the anticipation that caller drugs and treatments volition travel on and assistance to prevention his life.

"We effort and support him successful the champion information that we tin bash truthful that erstwhile that attraction oregon cure comes along, he's going to person the champion chances of extending his prime of life, and it's each astir prime of life.

"We effort not to deliberation to the future. You person to unrecorded each time due to the fact that looking up is conscionable excessively scary, it's excessively unbearable. You privation to property a intermission button, much truthful than immoderate parent, due to the fact that you dread what the aboriginal holds if this illness continues."

'At 17, to suffer each my hair... I felt truly ugly'

image copyrightCeridwen Hughes

image captionAt conscionable 17, Lucy Root felt "ugly" erstwhile she mislaid each her hairsbreadth due to the fact that of her condition

Lucy Root, 21, has Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS) Type 3, a soft-tissue connective upset which causes hypermobility.

"Because it's a collagen deficiency arsenic well, it tin impact anyplace successful your body, from your encephalon to veins, oregon adjacent your heart. It conscionable has an effect everywhere," she said.

"As caller arsenic 2017, I besides mislaid each my hair, it conscionable fell retired successful the abstraction of conscionable 48 hours. As a 17-year-old girl, to suffer each my hairsbreadth was huge. I felt truly disfigured and conscionable didn't privation anyone to spot me."

She said having a uncommon illness arsenic a teen had impacted her "massively" arsenic she initially became sick erstwhile she'd lone started gathering her archetypal existent friendships.

"I person lone truly got 1 due person who has stuck by me. There was a clip erstwhile I missed a year-and-a-half of schoolhouse due to the fact that of EDS and so, I've fundamentally had nary friends oregon societal beingness for a fewer years," she added.

"If I could archer radical 1 happening it would beryllium that having a uncommon illness does not marque you a weirdo. We're conscionable arsenic mean arsenic you, we conscionable person a fewer quirky small bits astir us. I conscionable privation radical to dainty maine usually and judge our differences."

'I don't privation pity'

image copyrightCeridwen Hughes

image captionToni Mathieson mislaid her 3 children to the aforesaid disease, but says she is grateful for the clip she had with them

Toni Mathieson, 52, archetypal heard of Niemann-Pick illness erstwhile her girl Lucy was astir 5 weeks old.

"We looked astatine our gorgeous small babe and conscionable could not judge that she was truthful unwell," she said.

Toni said erstwhile they were fixed the archetypal diagnosis, they were fixed the incorrect accusation and she wished she could revisit that assignment to code what happened.

"We went connected to person 2 further children but sadly they excessively were calved with the information and we mislaid each 3 children wrong the abstraction of 4 years," she said.

"I didn't privation anyone's pity and I inactive consciousness I don't request it, adjacent though, yes, I get that reaction.

"If idiosyncratic asks, 'have you got children?' and past I archer them our story, I tin spot the pity successful their eyes. I don't privation that; I privation them to perceive and recognize that I americium precise grateful for the experiences I've had and the clip that we had with our children.

"It's precise peculiar to maine and I consciousness precise lucky. I cognize that sounds ridiculous, but I do, I consciousness truly fortunate and I privation people, if I speech to them astir my experiences, to larn from maine and walk it connected and rise consciousness and enactment and help. That's what I privation from them and not their pity."

'See the person, not the condition'

image copyrightCeridwen Hughes

image captionMeliz has beta-thalassaemia major, a humor upset that reduces the accumulation of haemoglobin

Photographer Ceridwen Hughes said her ain acquisition with uncommon illness started the time her youngest lad was born.

"From that infinitesimal I became alert that radical often spot the illness oregon disablement earlier the child.

"I founded Same but Different arsenic a mode to redress that equilibrium and promote radical to spot the idiosyncratic alternatively than the condition."

On the instauration of the exhibition, she said: "We wanted to make thing that encouraged radical to privation to cognize much and to find retired astir the radical progressive and their conditions.

"Despite 1 successful 17 radical being affected by a uncommon illness successful the UK, consciousness is limited."

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